I met two authors this weekend!

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I’ve met several famous people before. Musicians, actors; but I had never met an author before. I do have a book signed by an author, but that was send to me in the mail. But last weekend, I finally got the chance to meet two authors; one that I’d read only one book of, and another that is definitely in my top five of favourite authors.

Julie Kagawa was signing books in my local bookstore, so I just had to go. I had only read one of her books – The Iron King – but I really want to read more. I bought Talon and Rogue mainly because they were about dragons and I decided I wanted to get these books signed.

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She was super nice, and I loved meeting her. I am definitely going to read Talon as soon as I can, hopefully this month. I am also planning on finishing the Iron Fey series that she’s written, because I just need to do that.

And then, on Saturday it was time to meet Leigh Bardugo, who is one of my favourite authors of all time. I loved her Grisha trilogy, and fell more in love with her world after reading Six of Crows, which is just A M A Z I N G. So when I heard she was coming to my country for her Six of Crows release tour, I may have screamed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to come with me, but I just thought ‘yolo’ and bought a ticket anyway. I would probably meet people at the event.


Because it was Halloween, I decided to dress up as Wanda Maximoff. I was afraid I was going to be the only one that didn’t wear any Grisha-inspired outfits, but there were some Hogwarts students as well, which made me feel a bit better. And Leigh thought my outfit was amazing, which made me super happy!

The event itself was amazing! We got a nice goodiebag with a mug, chocolate milk powder, bookmarks, a lottery ticket (didn’t win anything :C) and just a lot of awesome stuff. There was an interview with Leigh and questions from the audience, and I just decided that Leigh was one of my favourite people because she’s just so funny and inspiring!

There was also a gameshow with two people from the audience (who’d been chosen before the event already so they got time to prepare). Leigh and one of the girls tied and Leigh decided to give the price to the girl, which I thought was really nice! And then there was cake (a book with the map of the Grisha world and a crow. It was very delicious as well, and I really wish I could have had more pieces.


After that, it was time for the signing. Since I was in group two, I walked around the store a bit, bought two books (the awesome Hardcover edition of Six of Crows with black sides, and a book by the author that got me to read Leigh’s books in the first place, Lauren DeStefano). Then I had a polaroid picture taken and after that decided to stand in line to get my books signed.

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We’d been told that we could only get two books signed, but I had three books (since I bought a new SoC edition). So I was conflicted on which book I wanted to get signed. Then, I saw that people in front of me in line had four books to get signed, so I thought ‘well then I’m going to get my other book signed too!’ Leigh was super fine with it, signed all three books and then we got a picture together. It was amazing!

After that, I left quickly, walking back to the station with a couple of others, and I can say I had a lot of fun and I was super happy to have met Leigh! Next time I am – hopefully – going to meet Veronica Roth (YES I KNOW!!!!!!!!!) who will come to my country on 4 December!

Have you met your favourite auhtor?

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