I found this Reading Problems tag on Emmy’s blog, Zon en Maan, and decided I wanted to do it too. So I’ve translated it to English and filled it in. I don’t care I haven’t been tagged, I just wanted to do it, ha ha!

1. You’ve got 20.000 books on your TBR list. How do you decide which book you’re going to read? 

Honestly, I just pick either a book I am really excited about, or pick something I’m in the mood for. Sometimes – very rarely though – I just pick a random book, but that usually ends up with me putting down the book to read something I am in the mood for.

2. You’re halfway through a book, and you don’t like it. So you stop, or continue reading? 

If I really do not like it, I’ll usually just read until halfway through and then DNF it if I’m really not interested in finding out how it ends. If I’m still not 100% convinced, I might read on but nine out of ten times that ends up with me rating the book two or sometimes, rarely, three stars.

3. The end of the year is in sight, and you’re way behind on your Goodreads reading challenge. Will you try to get ahead of schedule? 

Usually I cheat by reading novella’s or graphic novels, because those are so easy to read. Last year I actually down-sized my reading challenge to 120 books because I knew I wasn’t going to make it. But that was because I hadn’t counted re-reads.

4. The covers of a series that you love do not match. What do you do? 

Though I am quite bothered by it, nine out of ten times I just let it be – because I don’t feel like selling my old books (which hardly anyone wants anyway) and then having to buy another copy. I did do this with books I really love; like the Hunger Games series and Ruin and Rising. But most of the time I just don’t care that much. (Okay, I do care, but I just don’t feel like rebuying the books hahaha).

5. Everyone absolutely LOVES this book, and you don’t. What do you do? 

I always try my best to give my honest opinion on a book, and if it’s a book that a lot of people loved – but not me – then it’s a shame but it’s the truth. I won’t lie about a book I didn’t like just so I can go along with the crowd


6. You’re reading a book in public, and something in it makes you cry. How do you handle this? 

I am very good at not crying in public. Unless something really upsets me, then I just open the waterworks. No, but when I read something sad in public I just try my best to not let any tears fall from my eyes. Honestly, I’ve never really read any sad books in public. When I feel a sad part coming up, I just close the book and listen to some music instead or something.

7. The sequel of a book you LOVE is coming out, but you’ve forgotten a lot that happened in the previous book. Do you reread it, or read the sequel and hope it comes back to you? 

If I REALLY love the book, I’ll reread it – no matter how many books went before this sequel, I’ll reread them. Only if I don’t feel like rereading, I’ll go to recaptains.co.uk and check to see if they’ve recapped the book. If not, I’ll just deal with it and maybe just skim through the previous book(s).

8. You do not want people to borrow your books. How do you tell people when they ask if they can borrow one? 

So far the only people who’ve borrowed books from me are my sisters and my best friend; and I trust them to take good care of my books. Mainly because my (older) sister and my best friend both love books as much as I do and they know how to be careful with them. My little sister not so much but she knows I’d probably kill her if she wrecks my books, ha ha ha (just kidding… or am i?)

9. This month you’ve picked up five books, only to put them all back down. How do you get out of a reading slump? 

I’ll probably reread a book I love (Harry Potter, Divergent, The Hunger Games), or just pick up a book I am very excited for and force myself to read. It may be wrong, forcing yourself to read something, but I don’t like reading slumps and so far I’ve had three this year. Ugh.

10. There are so many books coming out you really want to read. How many do you buy? 

If it’s a book I really want, like a sequel to a series I love, I’ll buy it almost as soon as it comes out. Other books can wait, unless it’s by an author I love very much, then I’ll usually just buy it asap. As for the other books; I am patient.

11. How long will books you buy stay on your shelf? 

Ha ha ha ha years and years and years. Sometimes I read a book almost immediately after I buy it, sometimes it takes me three years before I pick it up and read it. It really depends on the book and how much I am looking forward to reading it.

I hereby tag everyone who reads this, and everyone who wants to do it of course. Not forcing you to do something you don’t want! 😉

Did you do this booktag?