A Very Potter Senior Year

Remember when I posted about AVPSY (aka A Very Potter Senior Year)? Well, there wasn’t much information about it at that time, but now there is! StarKid has already performed the musical at LeakyCon this year, and has filmed everything. But they weren’t too sure what to do with the show now that it’s done. A couple of days ago, they posted a video discussing what they were going to do with the musical..

If you don’t want to watch the video, let me explain it for you.. They have decided to release both the songs and the script before uploading the musical. If you want to listen to the songs and read the script, you can go to the website of Ann Arbor Tshirt company and buy it (the album is 15 dollars and is a digital download, the script is completely free). (Edit ’16: I believe you can now only buy the album and not download the script anymore).

I myself haven’t read the entire script yet, because I kind of want to watch the show instead of just reading the script, but the part that I have read is just as hilarious at their previous two Potter musicals. Be sure to check them out, and I will post the actual musical as soon as they’ve uploaded it, of course!