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Blog Stats: September 2015

September is over and done, we’re heading into October already! What has happened on the blog, and in my life? What will happen in October? Read it all in this post!


Total posts this month: 16 posts, this one included.
Total posts in drafts: 4 posts
Top Ten Tuesday posts: 01/0908/0915/0922/09
Other mention-worthy posts: Reading Habits Tag | Boekenfestijn haul | Hoarding Problem #7

I’ve decided to challenge myself to write reviews of things as soon as I’ve finished them; so far it’s worked rather well for books, not so well for movies, but I am working on it. I’ve posted a couple more reviews this month, which I am really happy about! Hopefully I’ll be posting more stuff next month, even though it’s going to be as busy as this month, I guess..



Still working on the portfolio bit of the website behind the scenes. I haven’t been doing that much with it because I’ve been busy working, but I’m getting somewhere, ha ha! I got Octie a new theme, because I saw it on another blog and thought it looked nice. I didn’t like the full posts and the pink colour though, so I changed it. Finally made some new social media buttons and new rating images.




  • Fuzzy Harry Potter socks – I was at Primark a couple of days ago to get new tights because the ones I owned were all full of holes. There I saw these fuzzy socks, and I just had to take them with me. They’re really warm and a tiny bit itchy, but THEY’RE FUZZY HARRY POTTER SOCKS!
  • Giant banner with Mark Ferguson’s head on it – While at Elfia in Arcen, we passed this stall that was selling official Elfia merch. And we saw a banner with Mark Ferguson’s head on it. Mark was in the first Lord of the Rings movie, for like two seconds, and he’s been the host of HobbitCon ever since the first one started; so one of my friends and I got really excited when we saw these banners. She bought one (that was signed) and I bought the other one! Can’t wait to bring it to HobbitCon with me!
  • Scarlet Witch & Sif Funko Pop! – When I pre-ordered the Scarlet Witch funko, I had expected to pick it up somewhere in October. But not more than a week after pre-ordering it I got a call that she’d arrived! My mum picked her up and I’ve been super happy ever since. And I actually wanted to buy a Doctor Who funko at Elfia because I don’t have one yet, but they only had the Adipose and I didn’t like it. So I bought Lady Sif instead! She’s so awesome! :3
  • A bracelet – Our local supermarket had this thing going on where you could collect stamps to get a huuuuuge discount on these bracelets and charms. We’d saved a lot of those stamps, so I got to pick out a bracelet and charms! They didn’t have the bracelet I wanted, but this one is okay too!
  • Two jumpers – The top one is from H&M and it’s super soft and really nice. The bottom was from the Lidl, and I actually just bought it because I needed more jumpers/shirts with long sleeves. And because it was red.
  • A couple of phone cases – I’d ordered the Iron Man and Harry Potter cases already when my dad said I could pick out a couple of cases as well. So I picked out the other ones. The first two (Iron Man & HP) didn’t arrive on time, so I got my money back. And then all of a sudden they did arrive! Yay!
  • Powerbank – I deliver mail two days a week, and the company I work for has this handy app that allows you to see how many kilometers you’ve walked, how many calories you’ve burnt and some more things. They recently updated the app, and decided to give all their workers a handy powerbank, with which you can charge your phone, super cool!



  • Read book number 90 – Last month I said I reached the 80 books, and this month I can proudly say I crossed off number 90! Right now I’m on 92 books read, and one still being read. It’s going the right way!
  • Started working for three days a week – Which meant getting up early each morning (okay not on tuesdays and fridays); working until 17:30 and most of the times not being home until around 18:40. Pffff. But it’s nice and I have nice colleagues!
  • Finished Supernatural S10 – Fiiiiiiiiiinally! I already knew what was going to happen to one of my favourite characters, so that kind of spoiled it, but still it was a nice season. I am really curious for season 11, which will start somewhere next month!
  • Went to Elfia in Arcen – WHERE I GOT TO HOLD A SNAKE! There was this Jurassic World themed area, where they had a couple of snakes, and I got so excited around one of the ladies holding a snake that she let me hold it for a moment. My inner Slytherin was superduper happy with it!
  • Bought 18 books at the Boekenfestijn – For the small price of €43.95. Yes I know, it’s amazing isn’t it? Honestly I had my entire basket full of books, but decided to check most of them before I bought them, so I had to put back half of them because they weren’t the first part of a series, or because I just wasn’t as interested in them as I’d thought. I’m planning on going to the Boekenfestijn in Nieuwegein in February, and hopefully bring my friend as well!


  • MEET LEIGH BARDUGO – Yes the most exciting part of what I’m going to do in October! I am going to meet one of my favourite authors of all time! Leigh Bardugo is coming to my country at the end of October for a Six of Crows release party and I may have jumped up and down when I heard it!
  • Meet Julie Kagawa – Also coming to the Netherlands next month is Julie Kagawa, an author of which I’ve only read one book, but I’m planning on changing that next month. I will read her dragon book, called Talon, and hopefully get it signed when she comes to my home town (AW YISS).
  • Make preparations for NaNoWriMo – Not 100% sure if i’m going to participate; and if I am I am also not sure if I’m going to aim for 50,000 words; but I might just go and write some stuff while I’m at it.

See you in October!