When you have to edit all the old posts on your blog because you’ve moved to a new website, you see a lot of things you’ve posted (of course), and some nice meme’s and tags that you’ve done in the past. I found this ‘A To Z of Me‘ post from 2013 and thought it might be nice to fill it in again, to see how much has changed!

A: Apple – I still love Apple, as in the brand. I currently own an iPhone 6, and I use my old iPhone 4 as MP3 player (because I don’t have my old mp3 player anymore, and I don’t want to stuff my new phone full with songs). I also own a Mac, which isn’t the newest model, but an older one, and it’s really nice. I don’t use it for photoshop or anything, I still do that on my laptop, but I use it to do the ‘daily’ things. Maybe a bit of a shame, but it’s too slow to do any good photoshop stuff on it.

B: Books – It would be a bit weird if I didn’t add this to my list. I love books, LOVE them. I don’t know how many I own exactly, but I think I’ve certainly surpassed the 200 by now. Though some of those books are books I don’t want anymore, and books that technically aren’t mine, but yeah 200 is about right. One day I wish I could own a room full of books. My own personal library. *sighs* One day.

C: Cosplay – I only got into cosplaying seriously a couple of years ago, but I enjoy it very much. So far the character I loved cosplaying most is Wanda Maximoff, from the Marvel universe. Her outfits in the movie are just so simple, and so easy to replicate, that I get very excited whenever I get to cosplay her. I am planning on doing a comic version as well, only I won’t be wearing the bathing suit – but a dress or something like that.


Conventions – I also love going to conventions; and though I’ve only been to HobbitCon three times, and Ringcon (and Castlefest & Elfia, but they aren’t really conventions) I really love it. I love meeting new people and actors that come to the con; but I also love seeing my friends again. Because most of us live in different countries, we just all look forward to these conventions so much!

D: Doctor Who – To be honest, I am not the huge Whovian I was a couple of years ago – it kind of got ruined by a couple of stupid people who kept being idiots about everything. But I do still enjoy watching the show. I’ve known this show for four years now, and though I do prefer the older seasons, I love Peter Capaldi’s doctor and I can’t wait to see the rest of this season (though not so much all the two-parters *sigh*).

Day Zero is a thing that has been going on for years. And I’ve been participating for years as well, but I never never finished a list before. This time, I am determined to actually finish my Day Zero list. I’ve made a page on this website where I shared the list, and will share which items I’ve already crossed off, and which items I am currently trying to cross off. I will also share some blogposts with you throughout the whole time I am doing this.

E: E-reader – Okay, to be honest – I don’t read that many books on my e-reader anymore, mostly because I just prefer physical books, and because I have a tablet now to read my kindle books on. So I don’t know if I am still going to use my e-reader (seeing as I can read epubs and mobis and pdfs on my tablet as well). But I am still very happy with it – it’s light, it’s easy to use and it’s got an amazing bright green cover on it. Maybe I’ll give it to my mum, who’s got trouble with hers at the moment.

F: Food – For someone who is such a picky eater (honestly I don’t eat anything that smells weird), I do love food a lot. I am a hobbit, I can eat at any time during the day, and usually I do. I always have something to eat up in my room, so I don’t have to go downstairs when I feel like eating something. (Usually it’s crisps or popcorn or something like that, but still). I am not a very good cook, but I can mostly just prepare the things I like best – which is good enough for me!

G: Gifs – I both love and hate making gifs. Because it’s fun to make gifs and have people reblog them on tumblr, but it’s also a pain in the arse because you have to make screenshots of EVERY FRAME of the part you want to gif, then you have to import those into photoshop, and then you have to edit the gif, add some colours and hope people actually reblog the gifset you’ve spent ten hours on because your photoshop kept crashing. But it’s fun! [/sobbing]

H: HobbitCon – Hobbitcon was the first convention I went to, and I immediately fell in love. So far, I’ve been to every HobbitCon they have organised, and I plan on going more often – though lately the organisation hasn’t been perfect. Still, I love the friends I’ve made at this convention, I love how we try to meet more often than just once a year (and most of the time it works out). Most of us live in the Netherlands and Germany anyway, with a French or Norse exception (okay there are quite a few Norse people, shh). Next year is going to be the fourth time, and though I think it might be the last time, I kind of hope it won’t.

Harry Potter is my life. I first read the books when I was very young, then started watching the movies at the same time. These books were my childhood, and they will always stay with me, no matter what. Since then I’ve read countless other books, but I don’t think there’ll be another series that will make such an impact on me as Harry Potter did.

I: Can’t think of anything at the moment 

J: Ditto

K: Kittens – Yes I still love kittens as much as I did last time. Currently we have a kitten ourselves; she’s called Disney and she’s the most adorable kitten in the whole wide world. I love looking at videos of kittens on youtube and I literally get tears in my eyes sometimes from those videos. I just love cat so so so so so so much okay?!

L: Languages – Also still very much into languages. Though I was born in the Netherlands and have lived there for my whole life, my English is much better than my Dutch. Still, I like to correct people when they say things wrong – which annoys them a lot. I’ve also decided I want to learn either Welsh or Norwegian. Probably some of the most difficult languages. Oh well.

M: Marvel – I had seen several Marvel movies before this year already, but never really thought anything of them. Until I decided I wanted to go to the Avenger marathon and told myself I needed to have seen each and every Marvel movie that came out before that. Including the ones from other studios (Sony, 20th Century Fox). So I did, and as I continued watching, I fell in love with the Marvel world. Now I guess you could say my ‘main’ fandom on the internet is Marvel. Sorry not sorry.

Y e s!! #magnuschase #rickriordan #books

Mythology – I was always interested in the Greek Gods, but didn’t really get much into it until after I started reading the Percy Jackson series. Then I found out about Norse Gods, watched two Thor movies and a TV show called The Almighty Johnsons; and I decided that that was my favourite mythology. So far I know quite a lot about both Greek and Norse gods, but I am planning on learning more about the mythologies that aren’t as popular. Recently I read the Heroes of Olympus – about the Roman gods – and I am going to read the first book in a Norse gods series that Rick Riordan has written, and I am sooooo excited for that!

N: Nickname – Yes, Nessa isn’t my real name, shocker isn’t it? I found the name ‘Nessa’, on an elvish name generator years ago, and decided to use it as a nickname on a forum. Then, somehow – people started calling me that, and now I am more used to my nickname than my actual name. So yeah, technically you could say that Nessa is my name. Just not officially. (No I won’t be sharing my real name with you because of reasons).

O: October Tune – My blog, my photography ‘name’, my favourite song. October Tune was originally the title of a song by Only Seven Left, my favourite band (who broke up last year :C), but I decided to use it for my photography blog. And as username on almost every place you needed to have a username that wasn’t your acutal name. So the band quickly knew that ‘October Tune’ was me, and eventually I decided to buy a domain with the name, which you are on right now, yay!

P: Photography – I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember, really. When I was little, I used to run around with the family camera, making pictures of cats, flowers, cats, myself, cats – you name it. Then I started picking up concert photography and that is now one of my favourite things to do – even though I don’t really like going to concerts anymore.

Q: Quicksilver (aka Pietro Maximoff) – You didn’t see that coming? Well, I guess you did. Because ever since I’ve seen the Avengers: Age of Ultron, Pietro (and his sister Wanda) have become my favourite Avengers, my favourite Marvel characters, my favourites. Partially because of the actors that portrayed them (Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Elizabeth Olsen) but also because I just think these characters are super interesting and ugh I love them okay?! View Spoiler »

R: Rereading/Rewatching – Whenever I feel like it, I reread Harry Potter (usually once a year); and I reread books of series before the next book comes out, rather than just looking up a summary on the internet. I just love diving back into those worlds again and refreshing my memory before I get started in the next book. Though sometimes I just deal with it and read a summary (mostly from recaptains) because lately I haven’t really had the time to reread anything. I haven’t even done a Doctor Who rewatch before this season started.. *sighs*

S: Supernatural – Last year I finally started watching this show called Supernatural, a show I’d been avoiding mainly because of the fandom. I regreted waiting so long, because I immediately fell in love with the show. Since then I’ve seen all ten season and I am very curious for season eleven!

Slytherin – When I was younger, I was convinced I was a Gryffindor because that was the house of the good guys. As I got older, I felt less and less at place in that house, and I realised that the other houses weren’t that bad either. I did a couple of quizzes and most of them sorted me into Slytherin. Then I did the ‘official’ quiz at Pottermore, which got me sorted into Slytherin five times (once because I wanted to be sorted into Slytherin, the other times I just filled it in truthfully). So yes, Slytherin through and through. And PROUD!

T: Tolkien – When I was around 9 or 10 years old, I got introduced to the Lord of the Rings for the first time. My sister didn’t allow me to see the movies, because she thought I’d get too scared of them (because of the orcs), but eventually I got to see them. We even went to The Return of the King in the cinema. Later, at around 15, I read the Fellowship of the Ring for the first time – after I got to borrow my physics teacher’s book. I didn’t read the rest of the series, or the hobbit until I was in my twenties though. But I loved these books so so much, and the movies as well! At HobbitCon Two I got to meet J.R.R. Tolkien’s great grandson, Royd Tolkien – which is probably as close as I could get to meeting the author (who died long before I was born).

U: Can’t think of anything for this

V: Ditto

W: Wanda Maximoff (aka Scarlet Witch) – Like I said about Quicksilver/Pietro; Wanda grew on me. Didn’t know much about her before Age of Ultron, but I did know I wanted to cosplay her. So I did that for the midnight premiere. Then, after seeing the movie I was certain she was the character I was going to cosplay a lot. Right now, I have at least two complete Wanda cosplays, and about four or five planned. I want to do all her movie outfits, a comic inspired version and a version that fits with the X-Men movies (and the X-Men Pietro).

X: X-Men – The first movie got released in 2000, and I think I watched it before, but I don’t remember. I did watch the reboot versions – with James Mcavoy and Michael Fassbender – several times before this year, but when I was busy with the ‘watch all the Marvel movies’ thing, I decided to watch X-men as well. And I loved all of them. I honestly cannot wait for Apocalypse, and I am definitely going to cosplay Jean Grey (the Famke Jansen version, because Dutch pride).

Y: Can’t think of anything for this

Z: Ditto

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