Boekenfestijn Bookhaul

Today (19 September) I went to the Boekenfestijn in Utrecht, a yearly event where booknerds can let it all go and spent all the money they’ve saved that year. It’s a huge hall full of books, books, and guess what – books. Last year I went for the first time, and I bought a couple of books for so much cheaper than if I were to buy them at Book Depository or Amazon. This year, I really let it go and bought a lot more books. Which is a bit bad of me, considering I still haven’t read all the books I bought last year.

This year, I thought there were just a lot more books that I was interested in, but still I had to put back half of them because they were book #4 in a series and that was such a shame. I did buy a couple of books that were #2 or #3 in a series mainly because I did want to read the entire series, but there were other books in there that I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to commit to an entire series just so I could read the one that I had bought. I brought home 19 books/comics, and I will go through them all below, talk about how much they cost me, and how much they would have cost me if I’d bought them on Book Depository, or Amazon (I had to go to three different websites because some books weren’t available on BDP, and some were Dutch).


This is my hardcover pile. There were so many hardcover books this year, and I picked out a few – looked them up on Goodreads and decided whether I wanted to bring them with me or not. And yes, you’re seeing it right. There’s a Cassandra Clare book in there (I just love the covers and I am curious about this series ok). I put the price I would have payed for them if I’d bought them on the internet in brackets.

Those last two books got a discount because they were part of a series, and they were €5,99 in total.


These are the paperbacks I bought. Three of these are in Dutch, but I just took them with me because I was very interested in them.

  • Tunnels by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams – €1,99 (€10,00)
  • Dieper by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams – €3,99 (€11,80)
  • Dervishes by Beth Helms – €1,99 (€13,20)
  • Between the Lines by Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer – €3,99 (€13,16)
  • En Dan Nog Iets by Eoin Colfer – €1,99 (€19,99)



And these are non-fiction books and graphic novels. The bottom book on the first picture, I believe, is a fictional book (aka something with a story instead of just talking about dragons) but I am not sure.

Here is the price I paid for all these books at the Boekenfestijn:

2015-09-19 19.14.45
(+ 9,99 added for the Tolkien book, it would be €53,94)
And here is what I would have payed for them if I had bought them online:

screencapture-www-amazon-com-gp-cart-view-html-ref-lh_cart_vc_btn-1442682514632 screencapture-www-bol-com-nl-order-basket-html-1442682372746 screencapture-www-bookdepository-com-basket-1442682685657

In total, if I had bought these books, it would have cost me €203,82! That is a difference of €149,88! I am so happy with Boekenfestijn and I will certainly go again next year! Boekenfestijn also has a webshop, where you can buy books and a lot more stuff as well!

Did you go to the Boekenfestijn?