You may have heard of ‘Funko Pop!’, but in case you haven’t here’s a brief explanation. Funko Pop! are small figures of popular things – TV shows, movies, games, etc etc – that you can buy and collect. They are about 9 centimeters high and they all have a large head and small body. Some of them (mostly the Marvel ones) have bobble heads – meaning that their heads are attached to their necks with a spring and you can wiggle their heads, wooh! And they look so much like the characters! They’ve been around for years already, but I only found out about them last year, when I got one for Christmas.

My French friend came over to the Netherlands to celebrate New Years’ Eve with us, and she’d brought Christmas gifts for Tanja and me which turned out to be Pop! figures. I got Legolas, Tanja got Thorin – both from The Hobbit. I immediately fell in love with little Leggy and that is when the obsession started I guess. I looked up what other figures they had, and fell into the rabbit hole called ‘Pop! Collecting’. Since then, I’ve gotten seven more, and I have a wishlist that reaches all the way to the moon and back. (Okay maybe not that far, but almost).


From left to right, top to bottom I have: Elsa from Frozen. I saw her at a vacation resort shop in Zeeland (like New Zealand, but old) when I was there with my mum and dad. And my mum bought it for me! Then, I was googling for stores that sold Funko’s in my country and found one where they had Vision from Age of Ultron with a discount; I couldn’t let that pass of course! Hermione from Harry Potter I got from the Popshop in Haarlem (where I work) because I saw that they had her and I JUST HAD TO TAKE HER WITH ME! And last one on the row is Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch from Age of Ultron. While at the Popshop to buy Hermione, I pre-ordered Wanda thinking I wouldn’t get her until October. Then not a week later I got a call that she was available already and my mum picked her up on Saturday. I am so in love!

On the bottom row we have Legolas from the Hobbit, which is the first one I got from Diane – and he’s so adorable :3. Then there’s Thor from the Dark World that I got at Elfia – I had the last one and both Tanja and I wanted one. She’s still mad at me… (just kidding). And the third one is Charlie from Supernatural. We were in Den Haag for Alan Rickman and a friend of mine and I went to the American Book Center to buy notebooks (in case Alan didn’t sign HP books). There they had a stand full of Funko’s and I saw Charlie among them. She wouldn’t be for sale on my ‘usual’ website for another month, so OF COURSEI TOOK HER! And last but certainly not least is Cyclops aka Scott Summers from X-Men. This was the exclusive Funko in the MyGeekBox for May (or was it June?) and though I really like him, I don’t think he’s that special/exclusive to be honest. Oh well.

Like I said, I have a long wishlist, and most of them include the ones from my favourite TV shows, movies, etc (and some from fandoms I’m not in but they’re so cute I couldn’t resist). They have Harry Potter, Doctor Who, The Hobbit, Marvel, Dragon Ball Z, Supernatural; and a lot more upcoming – I believe they’re making Hunger Games Pops, and Sherlock ones (though I’m not a huge fan of Sherlock anymore) and hopefully they’ll make many more awesome Funko Pops in the future!

Do you collect Funko’s?