And this is the last list. I bought so much things this year, so I thought ‘let’s make a list of the nicest things that I’ve bought’! Of course, you think ‘you wouldn’t buy something you didn’t like’, yes, of course – but there are some things that I like a bit better than others. That’s why I made this list. This time there’s nine items on it, although some items have more than one thing in it. Anyway, see for yourself! They’re in alphabetical order!

01. Amy Pond jumper | American Apparel | €32 (+ €8 shipping costs).


Yes, 32 euros for a jumper is very expensive, I thought so too. It’s not even a thick/warm jumper, but it’s so comfortable, that I immediately forgot the high price when I put it on. It’s an exact replica of Amy Pond’s jumper in the episodes Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone. If I were to wear it normally, it would reach down to my knees, and I could basically wear it as a dress. But I’m going to wear it the way Amy wears it, as a jumper with a skirt (or jeans) underneath. (edit ’16: I’m afraid it’s not available on the website anymore, but you might find something on Ebay or your local equivalent of Ebay).

02. Welsh & British flags | A Souvenir shop in Cardiff | £4 / €4,96


I have always wanted a British flag I could hang up in my room somewhere (for the aesthetics), but naturally I could only find Dutch flags in my country. When we went to Cardiff, I decided to buy one at a souvenir shop. Then I saw they also (naturally) had the Welsh flag, and I thought it was so cool, I decided to buy that one as well. Look at how great these two look together, and just look at that amazing dragon on the Welsh flag!

03. The Ultimate Doctor Who Monster Guide | DTTA meeting | £15,99 / €19,84


I bought this at the DTTA Doctor Who fanday, and I honestly love it so much. It’s got all the monsters that have been in Doctor Who from the first episode of 1963 until Ten’s last episode (unfortunately, there’s nothing about the new monsters from series 5 til 7). There is information about each creature, where they came from, which episodes they were in, which Doctor’s encountered them etc, etc. (Edit ’16: The best part about this book? It is now signed by Catherine Tate, aka Donna, thanks to my amazing sister!)

04. The Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver | BBC Shop | £11,99 / €14,87


Ever since I started watching Doctor Who, I’ve been looking for a Sonic Screwdriver. I kind of wanted the one from Nine/Ten, but it wasn’t available anywhere, so I settled for the Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic. There were some reviews about this sonic saying that it broke quickly, that it would stop making sounds afte ra while, but I’ve bad mine for a year now, and the only thing that’s ‘broken’ is the little cap that goes over the button on the bottom of the sonic. Other than that, it still works perfectly!

05. The Fourth Doctor’s Scarf | BBC Shop | £49,99 / €62.01


My friend Tanja had this scarf for a while now, and she had told me it was amazing – super warm for the winter and just very beautiful to look at as well! So I decided to save some money and order the Fourth Doctor’s scarf! It is indeed very comfortable and very warm, seeing as you have to wrap it around your neck three or four times if you don’t want the ends to drag over the floor.

06. The Hunger Games DVD (Special Edition) | | €26,99


I really enjoyed this movie, so I decided I wanted to buy the DVD. I normally don’t buy DVD’s because I think they take in a lot of space and usually I just watch the movies on my computer anyway, but if I really love a movie, I want to own it on DVD. I decided to buy this special edition because of the nice extra’s (an extra DVD with behind the scenes stuff on it, and five photocards). I am certainly buying the other three movies on DVD when they come out!

07. A TARDIS | Doctor Who Experience | £14,99 / €18,60


After experiencing the Doctor Who Experience, we ended up in the giftshop, and there I saw this really cool TARDIS. Put some batteries in it, and it would make noises when you opened the doors, noises when you picked it up or put it down. If you shake it around or spin this little thing on the bottom of the TARDIS, it would make noises. I am not the type to go and play with it 24/7 of course, but I will just use it for decoration (and maybe cosplay purposes?). I actually made a video of all the noises it makes, which you can view on my Tumblr page!

08. A TARDIS door poster | HMV Music Store | £4,99 / €6,19


We stepped into the HMV (a DVD/CD store, like our Free Record Shop) where they had a lot of posters as well. I love browsing through posters and being like ‘I want that one’ even though I hardly have any place to put my posters. That is when I saw this massive TARDIS door poster. For five pounds, I decided to bring it with me. It’s on my door now, making my room look even cooler!

09. Some Teefury T-shirts | Teefury | $10 / €7.75


Teefury is one of many websites where you can buy t-shirts designed by all kinds of artists. People upload their designs, others vote on them and the ones with the most votes get featured for twenty-four hours. In those hours, you can buy the t-shirt at a discounted price of 10 dollars a shirt. After that day, your design will go back to the gallery, where people can vote on it again. So far, I have bought mainly Doctor Who shirts, but I am planning on buying at least a Harry Potter, Hobbit/LOTR or Hunger Games related shirt very soon, if they get any cool designs of course.

And this was the last of my ‘Best of 2012’ lists. I wish you all a happy new year, and I will see you next year!