So August is over and done, and it’s time for another Book and Blog stats post! In this post I’ll be talking about the stuff that happened on the blog and in my life. Non-bookish things I bought or got, events I went to, and stuff like that. So let’s go!

What Happened on the Blog?

Total posts this month: 11 posts (this one included)
Total posts in drafts: 7 posts
Top Ten Tuesday posts: 04/08 | 11/08
Other mention-worthy posts: Opposites Book Tag Round 2 | When books aren’t the same size

I haven’t been posting much this month; not a lot of reviews, not a lot of top ten tuesday posts.. I’ve saved a couple of drafts but I just kind of abandoned them. I’m planning on making several blog posts for this coming month and scheduling them so the blog won’t be that empty next month. I’ll write some reviews for books I’ve read this month, and schedule them for September, because I really owe you some reviews.

What’s Next for the Blog?

I am working on my portfolio behind the scenes. I’ve found some old things I made that I want to show on there, so I am going to get a layout that’s good for both photography and digital art. So far I haven’t really found something that’s ideal, but good enough for now. Not sure when I’m going to be putting my portfolio online for everyone to see, but hopefully somewhere in September or October. Though I’m going to be very busy during those months, with only the weekends off to work on it, so I don’t know yet. I’m not going to make any promises at least!

I’ve also gotten a new theme for my scrapbook page, which has more options. It allows you to look at more categories, and it allows me to put one item in several categories. It’s not completely finished yet, I still need to add half of the things from the previous months, but I thought I’d just put it online because it looks so much better than the previous theme!

Stuff I bought/received


  • Wanda Maximoff shoes – I was at Primark a couple of days ago when I saw a pair of shoes that looked very much like the boots that Wanda was wearing in Age of Ultron. Then, as I was trying on those shoes, I saw the ones on the above picture and decided that they looked more like Wanda’s boots than the ones I was trying on. So now my cosplay is even more complete, yay!
  • Iron Man notebook – Primark has a lot of Marvel stuff at the moment, which made me very happy. They had this notebook for example, which is really nice. I told myself I wouldn’t be buying any notebooks anymore, but I caved for this one. I mean it’s Tony Stark, come on! Not sure what I’m going to use it for, but it’s just nice to have it (though I would have loved a Thor one more)
  • Marvel colouring books – They also had this tiny colouring book set at the Primark; and a sticker book which my friend bought. It’s nothing special, just drawings of the Avengers that you can colour in (the Maximoff’s aren’t in there tho :C).
  • Vision Funko Pop! – I went to google to find out if there were more stores selling Funko’s in my country, and came across one called Galaxy Shop. They had a lot of Funko’s (though not the ones I wanted) and then I saw this Vision Pop! that was on sale. I checked and, with shipping, it was even cheaper than if I were to order it from my ‘usual’ website, so I ordered it there. It arrived two days later and it looks so cute!
  • Pietro Maximoff iPhone case – Yeah well I was looking around on AliExpress and searched for ‘Quicksilver’, just because. And then I found this case, for less than 2 euros, so I had to buy it! It arrived really quickly (he he he), and I’ve had it on my phone ever since!

Things I’ve done this month

2015-08-20 15.02.33

  • Went to see Ant-Man again – Because I really love that movie, and my friend asked me if I wanted to come along and see it again because another friend of ours couldn’t make it. So I went to Amsterdam to see it for the second time. I guess there were like ten people in the cinema and all but three (us and some other guy) left before the end-credit scenes.. Pffff..
  • Got a new job – I’ll start next week and I’ll work there for at least three months. I’m going to be making a website and graphics for the company and hopefully learn some stuff from them as well! I’m very excited to do this because it’s something I love, wooh!
  • Went to Castlefest – Where I dressed up as Wanda Maximoff, Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents and a Hobbit. I had a lot of fun those three days, even though most of what we did was sit in the grass, eat and complain about the wasps. We had to say goodbye to a friend of ours who went to Canada to live there for at least two years, which was a bit emotional, but luckily there’s this thing called internet!
  • Got a new kitten – Probably the most exciting thing of this month, we got a new kitten! We’ve been wanting one ever since one of our cats died last year, and we kept on looking around on Facebook if there were people who’d had kittens for sale; and finally we found one! My sister and mother went for a look on one day and on the 19th of August we picked her up. She’s called Disney, she’s the most adorable little thing ever, and our other female cat is jealous as hell.
  • Read 80 books – Not this month, but in total, ha ha ha! On the 20th of August I finished my 80th book of this year, which was Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers, a book I got from Netgalley and the second in the His Fair Assassin’s series. I am not a huge fan of history stories, but this series so far has impressed me. I am curious for the third book, which apparently was also available on Netgalley but I missed that. Oh well, I’ll probably get a kindle version of it!

Things I am planning on doing next month

  • Get back to Hogwarts – I GOTTA GET BACK TO HOGWARTS GOTTA GET BACK TO SCHOOL, I GOTTA GET MYSELF TO HOGWARTS WHERE EVERYONE THINKS I’M COOL! Okay, yeah, ehm.. Sorry I got a little bit carried away. The first of September is coming up, and I was thinking about doing a Harry Potter rewatch, which is something I haven’t done in a while (because I just don’t want to watch DH part two because pain). But I think 1 September is a good day to start with that! (Or maybe the first free day after that because it’s a Tuesday).
  • Go to Elfia Arcen – Which is like Elfia in Haarzuilens, but this time it’s in Limburg which is far from where I live. Oh well, I have a friend who has a car, and it’ll be good to see my friends again. We’re probably going as Cosmo and Wanda!
  • Work – Like I said before I have a new job which means that I’ll be busy throughout the entire week. Work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and then the Mail on Tuesdays and Fridays. I really hope I’ll be able to manage it, and not get frustrated after a week or so, ha ha ha! (Yes I am really bad at sleeping and getting up early, sue me).

What did you do this month?