Sometimes you ‘meet’ a character you don’t like, but then as you go deeper into the fandom you realise that a majority loves this character. For this week’s Top Ten I’ve decided to do it a little bit different, though the official subject is ‘Characters I Didn’t Click With’, I went for the characters that other people love that I dislike. Beware. Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the people of The Broke and the Bookish.

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Morpheus from Splintered – *gasp* did she just… ? Oh yes I did. I do not like Morpheus. I thought he was an ass throughout the entire series, and he kept trying to get Alyssa to stay with him and ugh no I just don’t like him at all. I did not want them to end up together, I’d rather see her with Jeb (yes I know, he’s not perfect either, but I liked him better than Morpheus tbh). Oh well, I’ll just ignore the ending of the last book, okay? Okay.

Snape from Harry Potter – Let me get this off my chest: I hate Snape. I honestly hate him. He’s a bully who was so awful to a teenager that he became that kid’s WORST FEAR. How can people justify that? ‘He loved Lily’, bullshit. Yes he may have loved her, but that DOES NOT JUSTIFY BULLYING CHILDREN. He is a teacher, he should know better. ‘But he died a hero’, so? Still does not justify bullying. NOTHING justifies bullying. Ugh. (No James Potter wasn’t perfect either, but he grew out of it, he didn’t bully people when he was older (okay he didn’t get much older than he did when he did bully people but shht), but Snape was in his thirties bullying children who were eleven to seventeen. That is NOT okay).

Jace from The Mortal Instruments – I don’t know, I just didn’t like him from the beginning. The way he is described as being perfect and angelic, ugh no. And honestly I didn’t like him in the movie either. I found Jamie’s accent to be very annoying, mostly because Jace was supposed to be American and you know – Jamie isn’t. Idk, I might like him better when I watch the TV show – if I watch the TV show at all, because TMI isn’t my favourite series after all..

Eric from Divergent – Okay I guess that people only like movie Eric because he’s played by Jai Courtney, and though I get it – I am a huge fan of Jai – I don’t get why you could like a character like that? People said they cried when he died in Insurgent and honestly I did not feel a thing. It’s a shame that Jai won’t be in the next two movies, because I like looking at his face, but no. Eric’s a dick. I will not miss him, at all.

Loki from Norse Mythology (but actually mostly Marvel) – People mostly like him because he’s played by Tom Hiddleston, and yes okay Tom is an amazing actor and an even amazinger (is that a word?) human being, but Loki. Is. An. Asshole. He’s a proper villain. Ugh, why do people always like the villains? (Because they’re attractive, Nessa, that’s why. Okay fair enough).

Maven from Red Queen – People actually ship him with Mare, and I don’t get it?! I kind of knew he was the bad guy halfway through the book or at least suspected it, and I never really shipped them together. I liked her more with Cal but that was so obvious from the start. But I just feel so bad for all those characters that are being shipped with the bad guys.. Come to me, I’ll protect you!

So yeah, that was my shitpost about loved characters that I don’t like. I apologise if your favourite character is in there, but I also don’t because I just don’t like them.

Which characters are on your list?