Best of the Year

BOTY ’12: Things I did

List number six. I’ve done quite a lot of things this year. I’ve worked a lot, went (online) shopping, went on a holiday, and I’ve met some Doctor Who fans (and an actor). I saw my favourite band for the 85th time, and I did a lot more things. In this list, I’ve put the five nicest ‘events’ of this year.

01. Listening to OSL’s new album | 4 March

In April, the new album of my favourite band – Only Seven Left – came out, and they would start touring again not long after that. Because of this, the band launched a contest, where you would have to buy a ticket for their tour and then you could be entered to get an invitation to an exclusive session where they would play their entire new album (both from the CD and some live songs) a month in advance. I was one of the lucky people that was allowed to go to this session and I honestly loved it!

02. Going to Cardiff again | 20 – 24 August

I’d been to Cardiff before, when my fav band played there, and in those couple of days I fell in love with the city. They had nice shops and there was an actual castle in the middle of the city center, yeah it was great! Not long after we came back, I started watching Doctor Who and Torchwood, and I decided I wanted to visit Cardiff (the hometown of these shows) again. I found a friend who was willing to put up with me (just kidding, she loved the shows as much as I did and wanted to go as badly as I did) and we had lots of fun planning the trip, spending our money and walking around Cardiff!

03. Visiting the Doctor Who Experience | 21 August


This part was so epic, it needed its own spot on the list. We arrived a bit early on the day, so we had bacon sandwhiches for second breakfast in the Blue Box Café. The experience was amazing, and we actually got to fly the TARDIS! The exhibition afterwards was even greater, I made lots of pictures, and the giftshop was probably the best about everything. There was so much to choose from, but I decided to take with me my very own TARDIS!

04. DTTA’s Doctor Who Fanday | 14 October


I’d never really been to anything fandom related before, apart from concerts, so when I heard about the Doctor Who fanday in my country I decided I wanted to give it a try. I decided to dress up as Amy from Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone, because I had bought the exact same jumper! There were so many great things to do – there were scavenger hunts, a cosplay contest, there was lots of food, games, there was so much Doctor Who merch that you could buy and of course lots of fans! I ended up winning the scavenger hunt, and picked out a book from the table of prices. And I met an actor from Doctor Who – the very tall Dutch person Marnix van den Broeke, who played the Silence in series 6 (although I don’t remember that! ;)). I got his autograph and a picture, and I am super happy!

05. My 85th OSL show | 16 November


Yes, I could have chosen any other Only Seven Left show I have been to this year, but this one is kind of special because it was my 85th time seeing them. Yes, can you believe it? I’ve been a fan of these guys since 2008 and I have seen them so many times already. That is because they keep on performing and they keep on performing in traveling distance from where I live. (I guess it also helps that I don’t have to go to school and I can take night trains to Schiphol if I have to). I just love this band so so much!