August Netgalley Month

For August I decided to read as much of my Netgalley books as I could. How did that go? How many books did I read? Did I like all of them? I’ll talk about that in this post! But first, let me tell you what Netgalley is – for those who don’t know. Netgalley is a website where you can become a member, and request books from various publishers. These are all ebooks which you can read on your ereader (Kindle, Kobo, etc etc). Most of the books on this website haven’t been released yet, so you’ll be among the very first that get to read and review these books before the general public do. Nice right? Well, yeah sometimes.

Because there is also a section called ‘Read Now’, which are book that you can read without having to be accepted by the publishers. Seeing as I don’t have a very popular blog, the Read Now books have become my favourite kind of books on the website; so this past year I’ve looked at that category at least once a week, hoping to find something nice. And I did find some amazing books that I requested mostly because the summary sounded interesting or because the cover looked amazing (I am a sucker for nice covers). But I haven’t read most of them. I have about 20/25 Netgalley books in my Kindle app and I have read about two or three of them?

So I decided to do this thing where I read only (or mostly) Netgalley books. I made a list of the books that I wanted to read the most, and tried to read as much of them as I could. This was my list:

Out of those I’ve read four so far; Dark Triumph (3 stars), Lumière (2-star DNF), Melt (1-star DNF), As Black As Ebony (3 stars); two books that I didn’t finish, Lumiere I stopped reading after I was about 70% in, and Melt I stopped after only three or four chapters, because I was annoyed by the way one of the POV’s was written. So yeah, four books..

So did my Netgalley month work? Not really. I did read more than just those four books this month, but they were just ‘normal’ books that I’d bought or gotten through somewhere else. But I did manage to get four books off my list which is something! I might continue this thing where I read at least one or two books on my Kindle every month, but I’m not going to do an entire Kindle month or something, because that is probably not going to work out. Mostly because I read two or three books at the same time, and with this thing I couldn’t really do that because I have only one option to read the books on.

Oh well, I am going to try to read the rest of the books on the list this year, and see where it gets me!

Are you on Netgalley?