When Books Aren’t the Same Size…

You know that feeling? You have just finished a great book and decide to buy the second or third of fourth part of the series. You await your package and squeal with delight when it gets there. You unpack the book and make to put it on your shelf next to the rest of the series… But wait? Is it??? Oh gods no, it is! The book you have just purchased is TALLER THAN THE REST OF THE SERIES! What are you supposed to do now? Send the book back and order a version that is the same size as the rest of your series? Send a frustrated tweet to the author or the publisher(s) of the books? Personally, I have done neither. But I have been tweeting frustrating tweets about this in general.

Because it’s annoying, you know. That halfway through a series the publisher decides to give the rights to another publisher that thinks ‘Hmm the first two books are 19 centimeters tall, LET’S MAKE THE THIRD BOOK 23 CENTIMETERS TALL! evil laughter

I have gotten the books with height-differences from my shelf and photographed them for you, so you can share my pain. Elsa told me to just ‘Let it Go’, but I just CAN NOT LET THIS GO OKAY!


The difference here isn’t that super obvious, but book two is a bit taller than the other two. You can also see that the logo at the bottom is different, but it’s still the same publisher. Also book three’s ‘feel’ is different from the first two. TWS and TER are very smooth and shiny-like, and AGW feels a bit… well I don’t know how to describe it.. It feels different.


Books one and two are from Square Fish, but book three is from Indigo which is why it’s a bit taller. Square Fish will release Ruin and Rising in their format in a couple of days I believe – and I am certainly planning on buying that copy, and giving this one to my sister or my best friend perhaps (because the latter hasn’t read these books yet :O).

IMG_4864Book two is noticeably taller than the first and third book, which annoys me quite a lot. They are all from Harper Teen, but the middle book is an international copy while I guess the other two aren’t? Oh well, I wasn’t a huge fan of this series overall, I liked the first two books but the third one was a bit meh?


This is why I am going to measure my books in the future and only buy sequels that have the same amount of centimeters in height. I bought book one from I believe, but book two came from the German Amazon site. Maybe that is also the reason why some of these books are different – because they came from different sites. Oh well.


This is just a completely different cover, though I think it fits in here as well. Book one I bought from the American Book Center in Amsterdam and after finishing it within two days, I ordered the other two from The covers looked similar so I thought – hey they will probably be the same like the first book… But they weren’t. I have recently bought the entire series with matching covers, so this isn’t really a problem anymore, but I just thought I’d add them!


Again, different covers. Book one is the movie cover, which annoys me a lot but it was the only one they were selling at the bookstore I got it from. Book two is I believe not the first cover (which is with the girl on it, this one is with the Vampire Academy logo placed over the girl so you can’t really see it). I am planning on buying the first book in the matching cover, but my mum bought this one for me so I don’t know if I want to get rid of it or not.

And now we get to the reason I made this post in the first place. The biggest difference in my shelf that annoys me so so so much…


JUST LOOK AT THEM. LOOK AT THEM AND CRY WITH ME. Both of these books were released by Penguin, but why why WHY are they so different in height? It’s like The 5th Wave is Gimli and The Infinite Sea is Legolas; why are you doing this to me Penguin?! This is the reason I have trust issues. Yes I should have just looked at the sizes, but I thought ‘they are release by the same publisher, so they should be the same size, right?’. Alas.

Will I buy copies that match the height of these books? Maybe. For The 5th Wave series I might do it because this difference is just too much, and for the Grisha trilogy as well, but for the others I am not sure if I want to. Because yes in the end, they are still books, they are still the same stories and I am still able to read them.

Do you have books that have a noticeable difference in height?