Back in January/February I saw some pictures of Wanda Maximoff in Age of Ultron, and decided I wanted to cosplay her. I didn’t know anything about the character, other than the fact that she has a twin brother (Pietro), but I loved her outfit in the movie so much, that I just decided to go for it. I bought a red jacket, made some bracers out of a black piece of fabric and wore it to the Age of Ultron midnight premiere in Amsterdam. I felt amazing in the outfit, though no one really recognised me. After I watched the movie I fell in love with Wanda and decided I wanted to properly cosplay her. So I went looking for the right dress, the right shoes, everything that looked as much as what she was wearing in the movie.


I already talked about her costume in this previous post, but for this one I’d like to talk about the other outfits she wears in the movie. She wears four outfits in the movie, with some bits and pieces from other outfits mixed in. Of course we all know the one with the red jacket at the end of the movie, during the battle of Sokovia, but there are three other outfits she wears that are really awesome too!

Strucker’s Base

At the beginning of the movie, the twins are the first two main characters we see. Wanda is wearing a black dress with grey details on the sleeves and the hem of the dress. I found out this dress is from an old collection of Free People, and it’s not available on their website anymore. With it she’s wearing most of her rings, her blue ribbon necklace, the ripped socks/tights and the black boots. I believe she’s also wearing the round earrings and perhaps the earcuff too, but we don’t see her ears in these scenes so I’m not sure. On the picture below it seems like she’s not wearing any rings, but I’m pretty sure she was wearing some in the movie. You can click the picture to go to the Polyore set.

Wanda 1

Meeting Ultron/Wakanda

When the twins meet Ultron for the first time, Wanda is wearing most of her Wakanda outfit, except with some things added. A grey cardigan around her waist, her knee-high stockings with holes and a red shawl. Her hair is loose, but in Wakanda she wears it in a high ponytail. The outfit she wears is a red dress with decorations and a button front. She also wears a black leather jacket, and her leather bracers. She wears her rings, her necklaces (this time she does wear the short red necklace) and bracelet. She also wears her earrings and an earcuff on her right ear.

Wanda 2


In Seoul, where they meet the Avengers again, Wanda wears another cool outfit. A black skirt with blue/white/red details (from what I could see, maybe they’re hearts?), a simple black tanktop and a black cardigan with some blue details on the shoulders. Over it she wears her red shawl and two black belts. Other than that the accesoires are exactly the same as in the rest of the movie.

Wanda 3

And then of course we have the famous red-jacket outfit. Of course she’s already wearing most of it when they go to Stark tower, where Pietro eventually tosses her the red jacket. During those scenes we can perfectly see what the dress she wears is like. I am suspecting she’s wearing two dresses though, maybe a black sleeveless dress and a slightly see-through dress with short sleeves (and blue polkadot design on the inside) over it, but of course I’m not sure. I’m just going on what I’ve seen on this replica doll that they’re making of Wanda (that I really want, but it’s super expensive). The dress on this set is the exact same dress I bought for Wanda by the way!

Wanda 4

I am so happy that most of these items are easy to find, you can just buy them in stores. The only thing I made myself are the bracers and the blue ribbon necklace. You can click the pictures to go to the polyvore sets from where you can buy the items, or look for similar ones! I am certainly planning on doing all these outfits, and I can’t wait to see what she’s going to wear in Civil War! (And then of course I’ll make a post about that).

Do you cosplay?