BOTY ’12: TV shows I’ve seen

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List number five. This time it’s TV shows that I’ve watched. They aren’t TV shows that started this year, or seasons that aired this year, but just the TV shows that I’ve watched. This list is on alfabetical order. Be careful, there might be some minor spoilers.

1. Doctor Who (S7) | First aired in 1963 | 

Series 7, with the first five episodes being Amy and Rory’s last ones as companions. Honestly, I was kind of looking foward to getting a new companion, but I was also really sad to see two of my favourites go. Amy and Rory were the first companions I actually saw on TV (the first ep being Let’s Kill Hitler) and that made me bond with them a bit more, I guess? Doctor Who will always remain one of my favourite shows to watch, so yeah, I am definitely going to watch the rest of this season as soon as it airs!

2. Misfits (S3, S4) | First aired in 2009 | 

To be honest, since my favourite actor – Robert Sheehan who played Nathan – left, I haven’t enjoyed Misfits that much. But it’s still an amazing show, and Joe Gilgun (playing Rudy) is an amazing (and equally hilarious) replacement. I have yet to watch the rest of season four, but I think I am going to do that as soon as I’m done with my (annual) Doctor Who rewatch!

3. Once Upon a Time (S1, S2) | First aired in 2011 | 

I haven’t really watched any American TV shows in years, but then I discovered Once Upon a Time which is basically a retelling of all the fairy tales. The one problem I have with American TV is that there are so. many. breaks. between episodes. Then you get five episode and a five month break because of reasons. And then four more episode and another three month break because of this. *sighs*

4. BBC’s Sherlock (S1, S2) | First aired in 2010 | 

(This trailer is fanmade, because I couldn’t find a proper ‘official’ trailer). I fell in love with Sherlock as soon as I saw the first episode. It’s a modern retelling of the victorian story we all know so well. It is written by the headwriter of Doctor Who, which makes it even cooler! The only thing I didn’t like is that each season has three episodes (of 90 minutes each), and that there is such a long wait in between seasons. Still, I enjoyed the first two seasons and I will definitely look foward to a third season, if there is going to be one!

5. Torchwood (S1, S2, S3) | First aired in 2006 | 

I knew I had to watch this show before going to Cardiff, where a lot of Torchwood was filmed (and where Torchwood actually took place). I ended up watching the first three seasons and I was mindblown. It fits in so well between the Doctor Who episodes and in between each Torchwood season there are some Doctor Who epsiodes that you could watch. If you’re a fan of Doctor Who and don’t mind a little more blood, cursing and sex, you should definitely try out Torchwood!

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