Opposites Book Tag Round 2

Last year I did the Opposites book tag for the first time, and I thought it might be time to do it again. So I got some books together, made some pictures and now I am going to share those with you!

The first book in your collection, and the last book you bought

The first book I remember getting is still Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Dutch, Harry Potter en de Steen der Wijzen. I don’t think I own any books older than this one anymore, but they might be in a box somewhere in the attic. It’s not the first book I bought myself, but I don’t remember which one that is, to be honest.

The last book I bought is not a book actually, but a collection of comics. The first five Ms. Marvel comics. At the moment of typing this I have already read them and they are really nice. I really like Kamala and I can’t wait to get my hands on volume two to continue her story!

A cheap book and an expensive book

Not sure if Catching Fire is the cheapest book I bought, but I got this book (and the other two in the Hunger Games series) for about 3 euros each at Awesome books. They are so beautiful and though they are secondhand they still look pretty good. I can’t wait to reread the series with these pretty shiny covers!

Also not sure if Fairest is the most expensive book I got, but it was rather expensive in my opinion. I paid about 16/17 euros for this book, shipping included, and to me that is expensive. I don’t really like buying hardcover books because they are more expensive than paperbacks, but I felt like I had no choice with this one because the paperback wouldn’t be released for another month after it’s official release. After receiving this book all my regret disappeared because this book looks gorgeous!

A book with a male protagonist and one with a female protagonist

Just One Year is the story from Just One Day told from Willem’s perspective. I really like Willem because he’s Dutch and parts of this story happened in the Netherlands, which made me really happy. I am not a huge fan of romance, to be honest, but I really liked this duology a lot!

The Slated series, with Kyla as the main character, became one of my favourite book series very quickly after I read the first book because I just loved it so much. I loved the characters, the setting (ENGLAND! DYSTOPIAN ENGLAND!) and ugh yes! Shattered is the third book in the series, and also the last book.

A book you read fast and one that took you too long to read

I flew through The Fault in Our Stars when I first read it! I guess it took me less than twenty-four hours to read it, but I don’t really remember. I do remember that I didn’t really think the ending was as sad as everyone said it was. That was until I saw the movie. Now I just can’t read that ending because I see the movie happening when I read it and ugh. Yeah.

And it took me quite a long time to get through both Runemarks and Runelight. I really enjoyed the story, but it was just so detailed and so long that I had to force myself to read some parts. Joanne Harris is an amazing author, and I really loved reading about Norse Mythology, but I don’t know – I guess I’m just still not a fan of historical stuff…

A book with a pretty cover and a book with an ugly cover

Just look at this BEAUTIFUL cover for Siege and Storm. I am so glad that when the publishers decided to bring them out in Dutch, they kept the original covers. Not that I would want to own the Dutch books, but I am just so happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love All Our Yesterdays and I like the cover, but it’s just a bit meh compared to the hardcover version which I thought was beautiful! I’m a bit sad that they didn’t decide to bring out that version of the cover for the paperback but hey this book is amazing and I am glad I decided to just go ahead and buy it!

A national book and an international book

Come to think of, I am not sure if Anne Frank can be counted as national seeing as I believe she was born in Germany, but hey she wrote this book in the Netherlands and I believe she even wrote it in Dutch (?) so I am counting this as a national book! When I read Het Achterhuis (I think the English title is The Diary of Anne Frank?) I felt a bit weird because I was reading the diary of a girl who had actually existed, who’d been dead for years. I’ve been to the ‘Achterhuis’ to see where she lived during the war, and that was even more impressive.

As for international, I could basically just pick any book off my shelf, but I decided to go for A Court of Thorns and Roses because it’s become a favourite of mine very recently. I just loved this book, and I love Sarah J. Maas’ writing and oh my god I want more of this and of Throne of Glass and I just want more of Maas’ writing guys!

A thin book and a thick book

With almost a thousand pages, Balefire is one of the biggest books on my shelf. Though actually, it’s a bind-up of the four books in the Balefire series, it is just one book and that counts in my opinion. I don’t know how that crease in the cover happened, but I believe it was already there when I got it. Oh well, I’m not too bothered about it. It’s the inside that counts!

And with less than 200 pages, The Long Weekend is one of the thinnest books I have. Not sure if it is the thinnest, but I couldn’t find any other book that was even thinner. I’ve already read this story and it was quite disturbing. From the cover you could think it was a horror/ghost story and to be honest, this story is even more horrifying than a ghost story would have been.

A fiction book and a non-fiction book

This book is what I like to call the Big Book of Mythologies! It has all kinds of mythologies in it; Greek/Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Asian (East, South, North etc). There is so much in this book! I’ve read some of the pages for my ‘favourite’ mythologies already and I am planning on reading more about the ones I don’t know much about very soon!

As for the fiction part, again I could pick any book off my shelf – but I went for Fangirl because it’s also one of my favourite books ever! I can relate to Cath so much because I am in love with a book series too (Harry Potter) and I (used to) write fanfiction about it as well, and I am also not good at talking to people or making friends and all that stuff. Yes, I think Rainbow Rowell has just spied on actual fangirls to write this story…

A way too romantic book and a book full of action

Okay, The Mark of Athena has some romance in it as well – but it’s not the main subject of the story. This story is filled with action and attacks and creatures wanting the demigods dead and all that stuff. I just loved this series so much and I love reading about mythology and ugh Rick Riordan is the god of writing mythology books okay? Okay.

I really enjoyed Anna and the French Kiss but it’s a typical romance book. Boy meets girl, and they fall in love though I guess they don’t want to admit it to each other and they keep hanging out and their feelings just grow and grow and grow until eventually they can’t hold it in any longer and they confess their love for each other. Yeah. But the writing in this book just made me like it a lot!

A book that made you happy and a book that made you sad

Someone on Tumblr once recommended Life on the Refrigerator Door to me and it took me a while to read it but when I finally did it was so good and so goddamn sad oh my god. TFIOS couldn’t make me cry the first time I read it, but LotRD made me sob like a little girl at the end of the book. This book literally just exists out of messages put on the refrigerator door of this two-person family (mother and daughter) and nothing else, just those messages.

I love Doctor Who, maybe not as much as I used to, but I still enjoy the show and I really like reading those books that they bring out. Silhouette is a book featuring Peter Capaldi as the (twelfth) Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald. It also has Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax in it which I really like because I love Strax and his humour. That is what made me laugh so hard in this book, Strax the Sontaran.

So did you do this tag as well? Leave a comment with a link to your post so I can check it out (and possibly get some nice book recommendations)!