July is over, and here is the Blog stats post for that month! What happened on the blog, and in my life? Read this post to find out! (I accidentally deleted the pictures of this post. Will try to get them back asap).

What Happened on the Blog?

Total posts this month: 11 posts (this one included)
Total posts in drafts: 6 posts
Currently/Latest posts: 17/07 / 24/07
Top Ten Tuesday posts: 07/07 / 14/07 / 28/07
Other mention-worthy posts: My Childhood: W.I.T.C.H., MyGeekBox Unboxing

I didn’t post a lot of reviews, mostly because I read a lot of books I’d already read this month (the Harry Potter series, the first W.I.T.C.H. Arc), so I didn’t write any reviews for them. And I still haven’t posted my HobbitCon DREI posts, and I am not sure if I’m still going to because it’s been a while since HobbitCon and yeah I don’t know..

What’s Next for the Blog?

I know I say this a lot, but I am actually planning on buying the Ultimate Book Blogger’s plugin next month, or at least put a little money aside for it. Because the plugin I am using now isn’t really ideal, and I really just want that amazing UBB plugin because everyone who uses it says it’s amazing and yeah I just want it okay!

Stuff I bought/received:

  • A Slytherin travel pass holder – I got this from my friend who gave me the comics (book stats) too! I’m 100% a Slytherin and I like to represent my house my walking around with bags and t-shirts and now this travel pass holder, woooh!
  • A USB drive that looks like a (big) Lego figurine – My friend and I went to a special pre-screening of Ant-Man a couple of days ago, and we got a goodie bag from the magazine that had organised this. Inside was this little figurine that turned out to be a USB drive
  • Purple and Yellow t-shirts – I needed a good yellow t-shirt that wasn’t seethrough and fit perfectly for my FoP Wanda outfit; so my mum ordered this and the purple one for me on Forever21. They are so niiiice!
  • The Catvengers: Age of Meowtron t-shirt – I saw this on one of those T-shirt websites and I HAD TO HAVE IT BECAUSE MAXIMOFFS!
  • An Avengers pencil, pen, ruler, eraser and sharpener – I saw these at a magazine/book store close to where I live and decided to just be childish and buy it!
  • A Kuchi coin necklace – Last month I found out what the small necklace Wanda Maximoff wore was (thanks to the lady from this website) and ordered one from Etsy. It shipped really fast and arrived just as fast, yay!
  • Coronation Elsa Funko Pop! – My parents and I decided to go on a little roadtrip through our own country and ended up in Zeeland (it’s the original New Zealand). We went to this holiday park and my mum and I decided to look into this shop they had there. I saw they had Funko’s and I had a small freak-out session when I saw this Elsa. :3
  • An iPhone 6 – And then there is the most exciting thing that I got this month, a new phone! An iPhone 6! I really needed a new phone because my iPhone 4 had one foot in the grave so to say – besides I couldn’t update to the new IOS anymore, couldn’t update some apps and couldn’t even download a lot of apps. I had my eye on the iPhone 5 (possibly 5C because they were cheaper), but then my dad said he’d been looking into getting new phones for me and my sister. (Don’t worry he didn’t buy them, we got them through a telephone provider in the Netherlands and he pays a certain amount of money each month; I can’t remember the proper English word for it but I’m sure it’s not ‘subscription’… ?) BUT HELL YEAH NEW PHONE! (It’s so pretty and new and oh my god. I got the silver one, because it’s prettier than the golden and the (space?)grey one).


Things I’ve done this month: 

  • Made an unboxing post for My Geek Box June – I really wanted to film an unboxing, but 1. I don’t like being in front of the camera and talking and 2. I couldn’t find the time to actually film the thing; so I made a post with pictures instead!
  • Reorganised my bookshelves (again) – I think this is just going to happen every month, but yeah I felt like reorganising it again. It went from being a rainbow case to a ‘I have no idea what I’m doing but they fit and they kind of look good like this’ case, hahaha!
  • Decided I wanted to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo – But I ended up doing nothing at all. I wrote down some backstory and some information about my characters, but that’s about it. Oh well, I’ll try again in November!
  • FINALLY finished Supernatural Season 9 – I don’t know why it took me so long to finish this season (maybe because I knew a character I liked was going to die and I just didn’t want that to happen?) but when I was at my gran’s house I finally managed to finish this season! Onto Season 10!
  • Bought (Economy) tickets for HobbitCon VIER – The Sunday before I went back to my own house (after being at my gran’s to look after the cat for a week) they officially announced HobbitCon VIER, with a new website, and the ticket sale already. So I freaked out, texted my friend and said I would get her a ticket too, and bought the damn tickets (okay I still need to pay for them, but they are almost ours). HOBBITCON VIER IS HAPPENING BABY!

Things I am planning on doing next month:

  • Go to Castlefest – I think that when this post goes online, I’ll already be at Castlefest, but yeah I just wanted to add this here. I STILL don’t know what my third cosplay will be (on Friday I guess, I don’t know?!), but I was thinking about Castiel or Luna Lovegood (because it is Harry’s and J.K. Rowling’s birthday on Friday).
  • Book the hotel for HobbitCon – We actually wanted to do that sooner, but apparently we’re not allowed to do that until we have our ticket number, which we’ll probably get somewhere in the first week of August – hopefully. We found a third roommate, a girl we met at HobbitCon this year, and I really hope we’ll be able to book the hotel asap, because I am getting stressed already (seeing as this year the hotel stuff was messed up).
  • Start with my HobbitCon cosplays already – Yes it’s really early, I know; but I’d rather have it finished so far ahead than having to finish it last minute the night before. Especially since I can’t sew myself and I have to ask my gran to help me. I’m planning on three cosplays next year; Tilda (one of Bard’s daughters), Nessa (he he he) and I’m bringing my Hobbit with me too; for which I still need to finish the bodice.
  • Read only Netgalley books – I’ve already talked about this, but I have a lot of books on my tablet from Netgalley. Mostly Read Now’s, mostly books that I liked because of the cover and the summary – and mostly books that I haven’t read. So August is going to be my ‘read only Netgalley books’ month, with perhaps one or two exceptions (W.I.T.C.H. comics, House of M and probably Deathly Hallows because I don’t think I’ll finish it before July is over).

How was your month?