And here is the rest of the Blog stats post, the actual blog and personal stats! In this post, I’ll talk about stuff that happened on the blog, and in my personal life! I’ll show you the things that are not books that I’ve bought/received this month and the mentionable posts I’ve posted on the blog.

What Happened on the Blog?

Total posts this month: 13 posts (this one included)
Total posts in drafts: 4 posts
Top Ten Tuesday posts: 02/0609/0630/06
Other mention-worthy posts: My Very First Book Unhaul / Bookshelf Update / Cosplay: Wanda Maximoff

I haven’t really been posting a lot this month mainly because I just had a bit of a blogging slump (like the blog version of a reading slump?!) I didn’t feel like writing reviews of the books I’d finished, and I just kept piling them up and up and up until at one point I just decided to write them all in one go. Then I decided to reorganise my bookshelves and make a post about a cosplay I am really happy with, Wanda Maximoff (also one of my favourite characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). I still need to write some reviews and finish my HobbitCon posts because they are just gathering dust in my drafts right now, but I think I’ll post them somewhere in July. I have also posted a book unhaul post, but I think I’ll probably just sell the books on facebook instead because last time I did a similar post I didn’t get any replies so I’m not expecting anything now either. Oh well… One day I’ll be getting rid of these books!

What’s Next for the Blog?

I am thinking about finding (or perhaps making if I can find a good program/tutorial for it) a new theme for my blog, hopefully, one that has the same size for its post headers (otherwise I’ll have to edit them again which I am not looking forward to because effort hahaha). Maybe I’ll FINALLY start working on my portfolio which I should have done ages ago. I might make a cosplay page on which I will list my finished, planned and in progress cosplays!

I’ll definitely be doing more Top Ten Tuesdays and maybe find another nice meme to do in the second part of the week so I’ll have more things to post in between reviews. Because it’s not really going that well with writing reviews. I skipped a couple of books last month and skipped a couple this month as well. I will probably still write a review of The Murder Complex (and perhaps of The Mark of Athena as well), but that’ll probably come somewhere next month. I’ll see about that…

Stuff I bought/received:


  • Wanda Maximoff wig – I had been looking at a lot of wigs for Wanda but I didn’t really know which one to choose. But then I saw this listing of a wig specially made to cosplay Scarlet Witch and I decided to order it because it wasn’t too expensive. It’s not an exact replica of Wanda’s hair of course, but it looks good enough to me!
  • Fairly Odd Parents Wanda wig – At the Elf Fantasy Fair, my friend and I thought it might be fun to cosplay Cosmo and Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents; she’d be doing Cosmo and I’d be doing Wanda which is ironic seeing as I’m also cosplaying Wanda Maximoff. Anyway, I ordered this wig which is the shortest wig I own at the moment and it’s really really nice! I still need to figure out how I am going to do that big curl that she has in her hair…
  • Blue dress – My sister went shopping with our mum a while back and she bought a dress. But when she came home she decided she didn’t really like the dress that much anymore, so she decided to give it to me. It fits really well and it looks really nice too!
  • Frozen figurines – My mum came home with a box of surprise eggs with a Frozen theme and I got really excited because I love collecting these things. I got Elsa, Hans and Kristoff. My sister got a box with Elsa, Olaf and one of the Trolls and she decided to give them to me, yay! I had been hoping for Anna, seeing as that’s the only one I’m missing now, but alas…
  • Slytherin tote bag – I saw these at the Primark and I just HAD to take it with me. I mean Slytherin, helloooooooooo?!


Here’s a close-up of the Frozen figurines! I had ordered a lot more stuff this month (including a My Geek Box) but most of it hasn’t arrived yet. Hopefully, that will change this week otherwise I am going to be a slightly bit disappointed… Hahaha!

Things I’ve done this month: 

2015-06-06 12.54.06

  • Started my annual Harry Potter reread – I reread Harry Potter at least once a year. And I thought June/July might be a nice time to start rereading the books because for some reason I really think they are Summer books. I don’t know why but I just always feel like rereading them in the summer. So yay! After this, I think I might rewatch the movies, just because.
  • Had a serious case of the ‘sads’ – Really I didn’t feel that amazing this month. One of the reasons was the passing of Sir Christopher Lee, who most of you probably know as Saruman from Lord of the Rings. I’ve never met him, but he really was one of my favourite people in the world. I mean a person who knows what a man sounds like when they’re stabbed in the back, the only person in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit cast that has actually met J.R.R. Tolkien, the 93-year-old man who was in a METAL band. Yeah, rest in peace, Saruman!
  • Went to the Efteling – Which is like Fairyland in the Netherlands. It’s an amusement park with lots of amazing rides and a fairytale forest which unfortunately we didn’t go through because there wasn’t any time anymore. Afterwards, we had ‘bitterballen’ at my friend’s house and talked about a lot of stuff which was really nice. Seeing some of my friends again and making lots and lots of selfies!
  • Found out they were going to remake one of my favourite TV shows ever – THE POWERPUFF GIRLS! I loved that show when I was younger, I used to watch it on Cartoon Network all the time. It’s one of the reasons my English is so good, CN used to be mostly English when I was younger. But now they are going to remake the show and I am so so happy! There’s also going to be a Dragon Ball Z movie which made me even more excited. The trailer for that is posted here by the way!
  • Reorganised my bookshelves at least twice – Once because I wanted them to be sorted from tallest to smallest, and now it’s back to the rainbow it was before – except now, the white/grey/black books are at the bottom instead of the top.
  • Had a job interview, but didn’t get chosen for the job – It was a nice job though, I would have to take pictures of products that the company was selling and I’d get quite a lot of money for it. I was supposed to hear back from them on either the same day or the Monday after but didn’t hear anything… That’s the way it goes apparently… Oh well…

Things I am planning on doing next month:

  • Hopefully, film an unboxing for the My Geek Box I’ve ordered – Because they have an exclusive Funko Pop for June’s box and I really want to know what it is. I have heard some rumours and I hope they’re true because that would be awesome. But Funko Pops are just awesome in general so I wouldn’t really mind if it’s something else!
  • Go to Castlefest – This is a festival very close to where I live and I have NEVER been there. So this year will be the first time I am going there, and I am very very excited for it because I’ll be seeing lots of friends of mine again! I’ll be cosplaying of course, though I still don’t really know what my third outfit is going to be…
  • Finish my cosplays for Castlefest – I need to make a Da Rulez book for my Fairy Wanda cosplay; make some wings for her as well, make sure the crown stays put on/in the wig and get a good yellow t-shirt instead of the see-through one I’ve got now. For Wanda Maximoff I need to get her short necklace, some bracelets and sew her bracers together. And I need to think of a third cosplay, of course, maybe I’ll just be a casual pirate on Sunday (or Friday perhaps seeing as I still have to work that day). I’ll see…
  • Reread the rest of the Harry Potter series, and start rewatching the movies – Because I just feel like it. The movies aren’t the most amazing book-to-movie adaptions, but they are good and I love the majority of the cast so much. And I can be like ‘hey look Harry Potter, I met him’, and ‘hey look, Snape, I met him too’. Hehehehehehe.
  • Drink more water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Because I am really bad at it (I hate water, honestly I don’t get why there are people who say that all they drink is water… HOW?!), but seeing as it’s getting warmer and warmer, I need to start drinking more and more… Maybe I’ll just put some lemonade syrup in it to give it a bit of taste.

See you next month!