My very first book unhaul…

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I’ve seen a lot of people do these kind of posts already, but I thought it was about time I do one myself as well. I am selling a couple of my books! These are mostly books that I bought but aren’t really planning on reading anymore (and if I am I’ll just get an e-copy), books that I want to buy in different editions, and books that I have read but don’t really want to keep on my shelf because I wasn’t particularly fond of them. To be honest, I’d feel more comfortable just shipping to either the Netherlands and Belgium (Germany too maybe, and the other countries that Kiala ships too which you can check on their website), so if you don’t live in any of those countries I am sorry but I’m not going to risk it.  

The books in the first two images are all English. The books in the last picture are all Dutch.




If you are interested in one or more of these books, send me an email to nessa (at) and I’ll get back to you with the estimated shipping costs. Please also tell me in which country you live. Packages (for multiple books) will be either €6,95 via PostNL, or €3,95 via Kiala (€7,50 for Belgium). I will not be negotiating about the price of the books.

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