Photography: bookshelf update

I don’t remember the last time I showed off my bookshelves, but I thought it was about time to do a new bookshelf post. Seeing as I’ve reorganised mine about ten or twenty times since the last time, hahaha! I apologise for the weird pictures but I didn’t manage to get good pictures of the top and bottom shelves. This time I’ve organised my books in order of size – the big books at the top, and the small books at the bottom. The bottom shelf (with Finnick in the middle) are mostly non-fiction books.

On the second shelf I’ve put all my Doctor Who books, no matter what size they are. In front of them I decided to put down both Sonic Screwdrivers I own (Eleven/Twelve’s, and Nine/Ten’s which is actually a torch). You can also see my old walkman (which I am afraid is not working anymore) and a piggybank which is filled with Pounds and pennies (which will come in handy when I go the UK again next year hopefully).

I love collecting those tiny figurines – I currently have two Daleks, three Frozen ones (Elsa, Kristoff and Olaf), Amy Pond and two Hobbit ones (Gandalf and an orc/goblin). On the right are all my bookmarks (which are a lot). And a little Volkswagen van – I love those and I would really love to own an actual one myself in the future..

And here are my amazing Funko Pops! I got Legolas for Christmas, Thor I bought at Elfia and Charlie was bought at the American Book Center in The Hague. I have another one that’s currently on his/her way to me, and two more on pre-order (Hermione and Wanda Maximoff). And yes, I keep them out of their boxes, because why not? And look it’s FINNICK! I got this from the cinema when Catching Fire came out and I love it.. Johanna is on the other side, and I turn it around every few weeks..

Here I have my TARDIS (which actually makes TARDIS sounds), some little bottles of alcohol (the middle ones are still full, because I don’t know if I’ll like them). The boxes my Funko Pops came in because they’re cute. And my Harry Potter wands (Luna (red box) and Voldemort (black box). Behind them is the box my Harry Potter books came in which is filled with bracelets and phone cases.

And here is my Harry Potter collection. It’s not complete, because I am still missing two Dutch books, and I am currently reading Prisoner of Azkaban in English so they’re not on the picture. I also still don’t have the Page to Screen book, but I am planning on buying that soon. And my amazing Spectrespecs, yay!

So these are my bookshelves.. I’ll probably make new pictures soon because I am most likely going to reorganise them again very soon, but yeah I just wanted to show them off because I really like the way they look right now!