When I heard they were going to put the Maximoff twins in the new Avengers movie, my first reaction was ‘who the hell are the Maximoff twins?’, because I hadn’t read any of the comics and I just had no idea who they were. Then I found out they are the children of Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto from X-Men and I decided to look up the characters. In the comics, Scarlet Witch didn’t really look like a character I desperately wanted to cosplay, mainly because of the outfit she’s wearing (it’s literally a pink bodysuit with a red bathing suit over it and that is NOT something I want to wear).

But then some pictures of the set of Age of Ultron were released, of Elizabeth Olsen (who plays Wanda in the movie) and Aaron Taylor Johnson (who plays Pietro/Quicksilver, her brother) and I saw the outfit she was wearing and told myself ‘Yes, that’s going to be it. That is what I am going to wear!’


(Left: Scarlet Witch from the comics, Right: Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in Age of Ultron).

It took me a while to actually put on this cosplay, which I did for the midnight premiere of Age of Ultron (which got me a nice AOU IMAX poster), but I loved wearing it and decided to wear it to Elf Fantasy Fair too. Unfortunately, the dress I’d chosen to wear was a bit too small for me, which caused me to have a lot of pain around my armpits after wearing it for two days. So the hunt for a new dress was on. First I bought one from the H&M website which looked alright, but it ended up being too long and it just felt a bit heavy when I wore it. No problems though, because I don’t mind having an extra dress. But I didn’t want to wear it for Wanda, so I went and searched for another dress again. I found one that looks a bit closer to what she’s wearing in the movie at New Look (it’s a skater dress with buttons on the front, like she has) and bought it. It is the right length, it fits perfectly and it is also a nice dress to just wear normally.

The leather jacket was bought on a Dutch website and though it isn’t really the same as hers, I think it’s good enough. I was thinking about dyeing it to make it look like hers but I am a bit afraid of doing that on a jacket that I paid more than ten euros for, hahaha! So maybe I’ll go to a secondhand shop and see if they have a red leather jacket. The knee length socks she’s wearing aren’t going to be a problem either, because I’ll just buy a pair and make some holes in it, and I am going to look for shoes that look more like the ones she’s wearing, but for now I have my boots that look good enough.


Then there was the ‘problem’ of all her accessories. Because she has a lot. Earrings, an ear cuff, eight rings, two necklaces, soft leather bracers and a handful of bracelets. For both the premiere and Elfia I made simple bracers from a black pair of leggings that I wasn’t going to wear, which did the trick but I really want to make actual (fake) leather bracers for cons and stuff. I have a pair of fake leather leggings that I am going to use for that, seeing as I am never going to wear those either. So that problem solved, there was still the rest of the accessories. Luckily, there’s Ebay. And I found this amazing website which has a couple of very detailed posts about Wanda’s costume from the movie.

Photo 07-06-2015 16 54 50 Photo 07-06-2015 16 55 41

I bought some rings from H&M and Ebay, made the long necklace myself (with a German coin, some small trinkets from other necklaces and bracelets which I painted with nailpolish and a blue piece of string) and I will probably buy a necklace that looks like her short one very soon. I don’t wear earrings so that’s not going to be a problem, but what is going to be a bit of a problem are the bracelets. Because I have no idea what they really look like (I should probably rewatch the movie and concentrate on her bracelets alone) and then I also have no idea how to search for them on ebay. Because ‘red bracelet with green thingie’, doesn’t really get any results I guess.

But I will probably just wear some nice bracelets with it, or maybe just skip the bracelets seeing as I’ll be wearing the leather bracers and you won’t really see the bracelets anyway. Now I only need to buy a wig that looks like her hair, dip dye my leather jacket and I’m all set! She wears black nailpolish and little make-up so that’s perfect for me, seeing as I don’t really wear any make-up myself, and now I won’t need to look up a make-up tutorial or anything in order to look like her just a bit. Yay! And after a while I realised I have another outfit of hers from the movie as well. I might wear that to a convention as well, but I am not 100% sure yet.

Photo 07-05-2015 17 04 25 Photo 19-04-2015 16 05 15

(Left is an outfit she wears for a while in the movie, though I’ve recently found out she doesn’t wear the socks, and I don’t think a ponytail suits me. Right is the outfit you see her in in all of the trailers and the one that I wanted to cosplay from the beginning. This is still with the old (too small) dress and the wrong necklaces but I haven’t had the time to make a new picture).

It was also announced she would be in the new Captain America movie, Civil war, and I saw her outfit in some set pictures and decided I wanted to do that outfit as well. It’s another very simple outfit, with a grey top, black trousers and a (very strangely cut) green coat. Yay, for Marvel movies who give their superheroes normal outfits that everyone can wear!