Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme organised by the people of The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s subject is authors you REALLY want to meet. Here is my list. I have just chosen most of my favourite authors, whether they are alive or dead, and will talk about why I want to meet them.


J.K. Rowling – Obviously. I want to thank her for writing Harry Potter, for creating that world. For giving me my childhood. I don’t know how I would react after meeting her, but I think I’d probably freak out as soon as I get home, and perhaps cry a bit. I will probably get her to sign my Deathly Hallows book, just because it was also signed by Daniel Radcliffe and so I will have both their autographs (the author and the main character) together. Yes.

Sarah J. Maas – She writes the most amazing books, and I think she’s a fun person to be around. Also from what I’ve seen on Twitter she’s a huge LOTR/Hobbit fan and that is always a big plus. I would probably not find it hard to talk to her if I’m in a room with her, because there’s enough Tolkien stuff to talk about, yay!

Leigh Bardugo – Again, because she writes awesome books, and I just want to thank her for writing the Grisha trilogy and talk to her about how Richard Armitage is the perfect Darkling even though he is probably too old for the role (but you know, it’s Richard Armitage).

Rick Riordan – The master of mythology stories, and I want to meet him and thank him for FINALLY choosing to write something about the Norse Mythology. Because that is my favourite mythology and Riordan will probably make an amazing book series!

J.R.R. Tolkien – Unfortunately, this one won’t be an option unless time travel is invented very very soon. The author of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit died in 1973, but hey at least I met one of his great grandsons at HobbitCon in 2014, and I got him to sign my book, so yes I still met a Tolkien!


Veronica Roth – To tell her thank you for the Divergent series, thank you for Four and thank you for indirectly introducing me to Jai Courtney because oh my gods. Also I want to ask her whyyyyyyyyyyy and I want to know more about her new series because I AM SO EXCITED!

Marissa Meyer – Because I love her Lunar Chronicles series and I really want to convince her to write more and perhaps write a (short) story based on Sleeping Beauty because that’s my favourite.

Ransom Riggs – I love his books, and the creepy pictures that come with it, and I just want to ask him if he has more of those creepy pictures and if he has plans to write more books like Miss Peregrine’s.

Maureen Johnson – I think she’d be a fun person to meet, and I absolutely loved her Shades of London books and I just want to thank her for doing that one thing in the third book because I was so sad after the second book had ended and yeah the thing was really nice!!!!!!

John Green – Also because he’d probably be a fun person to meet, and because I think his books are written really well. Mainly I just want to talk about Amsterdam (or the Netherlands in general) with him because reading about that in TFIOS made me super excited! 😀

And those are the authors I would really love to meet some day (okay with the exception of Tolkien obviously seeing as that will never happen unless time travel happens). Which authors do you have on your list? Share the link with me in a comment!