My birthday is coming up soon, and people have already asked me what I want as a gift. And I have been thinking about it, but honestly? I don’t know. If you has asked me when I was a teenager, I would have enthusiastically answered with an entire LIST of things I wanted. But now? I am turning 23 and honestly I have the idea that the time asking for all these amazing presents is over. Mainly because I just don’t know what to ask. I do love celebrating my birthday; mainly because there’ll be cake (that I will pick out myself, of course), and just having a day that mostly revolves around you – yeah hello my name is Narcissus, nice to meet you. And I love getting presents from other people (not just because it’s my birthday, I just love getting stuff in general; except when you tease me that you have something for me and refuse to tell me what it is, I love ACTUAL surprises).

But yeah, I really wouldn’t know what to ask of people now. Books? I’d rather buy them myself after looking on Goodreads to see whether people my age read that kind of stuff. Shower gels and other bathroom things? Nah, I am DROWNING in that stuff, honestly there is always that one person who will give you this kind of stuff for either your birthday or Christmas. Gift cards? Depends on what kind of gift card. One for a bookstore is always a plus. I don’t really care for clothes (ok I do but I already have way too many clothes) or shoes. A VVV cheque which I can spend in multiple stores (book stores, and… other stores? I don’t know) that would be a good idea, but yeah honestly – I’d rather receive money. Because when you receive a 25 euro gift card you are still limited to the stores that accept the card, when you receive 25 euros you can just spend it whenever and wherever you want.

I could ask for something that has recently become an addiction, a Funko Pop. There are plenty of Dutch webshops that sell these things, and perhaps there are actual stores that sell them too. But then there’s the question of ‘which one do I really want right now?’, and ‘are they willing to order something off the internet?’, and the most important question: ‘will it arrive in time?’, there is nothing I hate more – you order something online for someone’s birthday or Christmas, and then there’s a delay and your present will arrive later than you have hoped. You then have to go to that birthday or the Christmas party without a present and you look like a complete arse. Yeah no, I don’t think asking people to order something online is a good idea for a birthday present.

So yeah, in the end I think – for me – money will be the best option. Because I love receiving it, and I love spending it. And that way I can just buy whatever I want (it’ll probably end up being either books or funko pops, wanna bet?) What about you? Do you still celebrate your birthday? And what things would you love to receive or give to people? Tell me in a comment!