The Sims 3: Seasons

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The Sims has finally decided to release the expansion pack that I (and probably lots of other people) have been waiting for for YEARS. Seasons! I honestly loved their previous expansion, Supernatural, which was a remake of Makin’ Magic, but I honestly think that Seasons will be my new favourite.

I’ve always found it a bit ‘boring’ that we always had the same weather in the Sims, and I’d been looking for a mod that allowed me to have rain or snow or something like that in my game. But I couldn’t find anything that worked at all. So imagine my face upon finding out they were going to make an actual official expansion for this.

You can now have your sims swimming in the ocean on a hot summer day, celebrate Halloween during the autumn, go skiiing or snowboarding or ice skating in the winter and celebrate Christmas with your family. There are lots of new items, activities, Halloween costumes and so much more available with this expansion! I can’t wait to get my hands on it and have my sims play in the snow!

For more information about this upcoming Expansion pack, you can check out this Wiki page! As far as I know, the game will hit the stores on 15 November in Europe, and I believe it’ll come out in America a couple of days before that. Have fun playing!

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