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Blog Stats: April 2015

April is over, and this was probably one of the worst reading months for me. I just didn’t feel like reading AT ALL and I spend my time watching a lot of movies and TV shows. So yeah I still did something productive, but I’m still a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t read that much. Oh well, here’s the blog stats for April 2015!

Books, DVD’s bought:


I bought both HP DVD’s and the Iron Man DVD on the Kingsday market. The GotG DVD I bought before the Avengers marathon because it was discounted (and I love discounts). I bought the first three books from Book depository because I wanted to, and the Tolkien book I bought for TWO EUROS at the Kingsday market. I love Kingsday markets.

Books received:

I received an email from the publisher (I think?) asking if I wanted to read this book because I loved Doctor Who. I was curious because it’s a sci-fi story and said yes. I have yet to read it, but I think I’ll put it on my list of books to read in may!

Netgalley books:

Books read:

Books read this month: 3 books, 1 novella = 4 books in total.
Total books read so far this year: 37 out of 140 books.

Other things I bought:


  • Red skirt with pockets (P O C K E T S !!!!!)
  • Grey and white tank tops
  • Red leather jacket (for cosplay purposes)
  • Thor Funko Pop (it’s starting to become an addiction, oops)
  • Blue digital watch
  • Black jeans
  • Brown leather jacket (also cosplay stuff)


  • Insurgent IMAX poster (which I got from my friend :3)
  • Age of Ultron IMAX poster (cosplay competition price eyyyy)
  • Thor cap (also from my friend)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy IMAX poster (^same)
  • Hogwarts shorts (from my sister :3)
  • Zelda keychain (which I found)

Things I’ve done this month: 


  • H O B B I T C O N – Where I saw all my friends again, met some new friends, met the actors again, and most important of all MET LUKE FREAKIN’ EVANS OH YESSSSSSS! I am still planning on making some posts about HobbitCon, but I’ll probably do that next month!
  • Went to the Avengers marathon – Wasn’t too sure if I wanted to go because I didn’t love the first movie, but I’m really happy I did go because I ended up LOVING the second one. I also got a poster (the Age of Ultron one in the picture of received things) because I dressed up as Scarlet Witch.
  • Went to the Elf Fantasy Fair – This year we decided to go both days, and I loved it even though it was rainy and cold and bleh. On the first day I dressed up as Scarlet Witch again, and I was actually planning on wearing Castiel the next day – but then a friend of mine said she was going as Quicksilver (the X-men version though not the AOU one) the second day, so I decided to go as Scarlet Witch again (seeing as her and Quicksilver are twins). On the second day I had a picture taken of me on the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones!
  • Bought some nice stuff at the Kingsday market – We were actually planning on having a barbecue with some friends, but a lot of weather people predicted rain and winds and stuff so we decided to do the bbq in the summer. I did go to the local market and bought three DVD’s, a book and a jacket for less than 10 euros in total!
  • Watched a lot of movies – Because Age of Ultron was coming out, I decided to watch all the Marvel movies before this one. I finally watched the Iron Man movies, and fell in love, and rewatched the others (Guardians, Captain America, Thor, etc etc). I now only need to rewatch The Winter Soldier and The Incredible Hulk, and then I’m done and ready for the next Marvel movie!

Movies/TV Shows I watched this month: 

Things I am planning on doing next month:

  • Celebrate my birthday – I am turning 23 on the 18th of May, and I will celebrate it the Saturday before (16th). I am not sure what to ask of people, so I’ll probably just go for money, with which I could buy stuff (books, funko pops, dvd’s oops).
  • Finally catch up with Supernatural – I have been watching some episodes of Season 9 this month, but I will try and finish it all this month and then FINALLY start with the tenth season.
  • Read some more books than I did this month – I really don’t like the fact that I didn’t read that much books this month, so I am going to try to read at least 7 books next month. I will write down some titles I want to try out, and some others that I can pick up if those first titles turn out to be not my cup of tea.
  • Buy the Ultimate Book Bloggers Plugin – I have been eye-ing that plugin ever since I found out about it, and I think next month I am finally going to buy it, as soon as I get my salary. I wanted to wait with it because I was going to move to a new domain, but now that I have moved, I can finally purchase this beauty!

Books I want to read next month: Loki’s Wolves, The Line, The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún, Crane, A Court of Thorns and Roses, Tides
Movies/TV shows I want to see next month: Supernatural Season 9 and 10, The Incredible Hulk, Troy, Once Upon a Time s4b, Poldark s1, Agent Carter S1, Jupiter Ascending, Cinderella.

Book Jar 2.0:

Again, I haven’t read the book that I got from my bookjar, because this was just a terrible month. I will add this month’s book to my normal to-read list, and will get another book from the bookjar. May’s bookjar book will be:

Tides by Betsy Cornwell