Behind the Scenes

Backstage Pass NL – HobbitCon DREI

You probably already know it, but last weekend I went to HobbitCon in Bonn. I had an amazing weekend, seeing all my friends again, meeting some actors from the Hobbit and having a couple of great parties. The girls from Backstage Pass NL were there as well, and they made a video of it – something I was going to do too, but I just didn’t film anything at all, oops. You can see me in this video as well, at one point when she’s filming that loooooong line of people waiting for Luke Evans’ photosession (I’m somewhere at the beginning, just outside of the line); and near the end, when a friend of mine (Ingrid) is singing (i’m wearing the bright yellow skirt).

(Note: If you loved the song that Ingrid sung at the end of this video, I suggest you check out her soundcloud account. Trust me, she’s AMAZING!)