And here we are, at the end of another month. This month was quite busy for me, and I didn’t really read that many books. I did get a few but out of the ten/eleven that I’d written down for myself to read this month, I have only read six. Oh well, I’ll probably do better next month. Let’s go and start this month’s book & blog stats then!

Books Bought:


I wasn’t really planning on buying anything this month, mainly because of Hobbitcon coming up, but then it was International Book Day (or something like that), and then I saw these two books and I just couldn’t stop myself. Mostly because Girl Online was only 8,99?! Which is really cheap for a hardcover in my country!

Books received:

My country had a Young Adult book week happening, and for that one of our publishers decided to make a bookbag again. This is basically a nice bag (this one was John Green/The Fault in Our Stars related) filled with five  books for only 15 euros. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to buy it, because I knew it woul dbe Dutch books, but my mum offered to buy it for me instead. I also got the Boekenweekgeschenk (a small book written especially for our Dutch (normal) book week). And In Haar Naam I got from my dad’s boss (I guess?) who had won a voucher for a free book and wasn’t planning on using it himself.

Netgalley books:

Books read:

Books read this month: 8 books.
Total books read so far this year: 33 out of 140 books.

Other things I bought/received:




  • First picture: an #elfie shirt from; White dress (WITH POCKETS!!); A nice hat with moose on it; A corset belt; The Mockingjay part one DVD; New Vans; Elf Ears
  • Second picture: The John Green/TFIOS bag (received); A pair of Hogwarts shorts (received); A pair of Frozen sweatpants (received); A long black skirt with pockets (received)
  • Third picture: GLOWSTICKS; A water cooker (received); Champagne glasses (received); A giraffe shirt; Mini giraffe’s; A picture with Osric Chau (full picture below)


Things I’ve done this month: 

  • Went to Dutch Comic Con – I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to go to Dutch Comic Con, because there was some stuff happening around it; but in the end I decided to buy my ticket anyway, and I am glad I did because even though it was quite busy, it was also really amazing. I met Osric Chau, who plays Kevin in Supernatural, and he is just such an adorable person!
  • Had two weddings in one weekend, and had a lot of fun as well! – Even though I didn’t really wear a pirate-worthy costume for the second one, it was amazing; they had a band, an amazing wedding cake, nice food, and a lot of my friends were there, so it was a bit of a pre-HobbitCon party, woooooh!
  • Cleaned my room a bit more – Mainly because a friend of mine is coming the day before we leave for Hobbitcon, btu I also just wanted to get rid of all the mess. There’s still some boxes with lots of stuff that I need to sort through, but I am really not in the mood to do that right now.
  • Read only eight books, out of the 14 I had written down. Okay, fourteen is a bit much, but I kind of added a couple more books because they came in this month. Still, I am quite happy I managed to read eight books, seeing as I haven’t been home for three weekends in a row.

Movies/TV Shows I watched this month: 

Things I am planning on doing next month:

  • HOBBITCON HOBBITCON! Yes April will be the month of HobbitCon. I’ll leave on the 3rd of April and come back on the 6th. Hopefully it’ll be a fun weekend full of parties and friends and amazing cosplays. I’m afraid my Hobbit cosplay won’t get finished in time, but I’ve got several other cosplays I can bring with me.
  • Sort through my clothes and throw away/sell the things I don’t/can’t wear anymore. While cleaning my room, I found out I have a lot of clothes. A LOT. And not enough space to keep it all. So I’ll probably throw away a lot of stuff that’s too small or not my style anymore, or sell it, if someone’s interested.
  • Hopefully, finally catch up with Supernatural. My goal was to catch up with it before I went to meet Osric, but I failed. So that will be my goal for April, finish watching season 8, watch season 9 and start season 10!
  • Read about 9/10 books this month. Yes I amazingly failed with the book reading this month. But hey, I am just going to try again next month! I have taken some of the books I was supposed to read this month and put them up for next month. Hopefully I’ll be able to read them all again!

Books I want to read next month: Kitty Hawk #2, Shattered, Ignite Me, Red Queen, The DUFF, Gates of Thread and Stone, The Fault in Our Stars (reread), In Haar Naam, Crane, The Son of Neptune.
Movies/TV shows I want to see next month: UnbrokenOnce Upon a Time S4b, Insurgent, Cinderella, Poldark S1, The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Book Jar 2.0:

I failed reading this month’s bookjar book, because I just failed reading books in general. So I’ll be trying to read it in April. And I have also pulled another one out of the jar, because I want to keep doing this every month. So April’s Bookjar book will be:

Crane by Stacey Rourke