Behind the Scenes

A very busy month

You may have noticed the silence on this blog since the 16th, but that is for a very good reason. I have been very busy outside of the internet this month. Yeah, really! March has actually been a bit of a busy month for me! So busy, I haven’t really found the time to read, which I already predicted at the end of February. I so bravely challenged myself to read another ten books this month, but I think I will stick to six or maybe seven instead.

Anyway, first of all I have been busy taking care of my grandmother. She fell off the stairs a couple of weeks ago, and broke her foot. Since I was going to stay at her house to look after her cat, I decided to still go there and look after her (and the cat) instead. I didn’t really have to cook, because there were a lot of people bringing food. I only cooked on the last two days, and that were very simple meals that I had made before (my favourite pasta dish, and some chicken with chips). But I hardly read anything while I was at my grans, even though I had brought FOUR books!

Then, when the cast was off her foot and everything was fine, I went home again and then went to see Insurgent the next day! I really loved the movie, even though it was different from the book (which always happens, I am not even bothered by it anymore). I will try to write a proper review soon!

After Insurgent, I had to prepare for a wedding weekend. On Friday, a friend of my sister got married and I realised that this wedding was my first actual wedding. (I had been to a wedding before, but it was very simple – just the signing of the papers and that’s it, this was an actual wedding where the bride walked down the aisle with her dad and everything, and it was beautiful). After the cake, and the party with some “finger food” and free booze (my favourite kind of party), and a midnight visit to McDonalds, I fell asleep at around 2am, only to wake up at 7 because I had to go to another wedding.


This one was in Germany, so we had a bit of a trip waiting for us. Luckily, we got there without any trouble, the only trouble that we had was that it had started to rain and we couldn’t find the venue immediately – resulting in us being soaked. But that didn’t keep us from having fun at this PIRATE THEMED wedding! Seriously, that is one of the best themes for a wedding. There was a Dutch pirate band performing, there was delicious food and amazing decorations. They were very happy with our stroopwafel wedding gift, which made me very happy as well.


After this party weekend, I felt a bit kaputt gemacht, so yesterday I spend the whole day doing nothing but playing fanmade Pokemon games (I will make a post about those soon). And of course I am preparing for HobbitCon. I made a list of the things I need to bring with me, and a shopping list with my roomie – I just can’t wait for this convention, because I’ll be seeing all my friends again!

Next week I’ll be seeing Kingsman in the cinema with my mum, and I’ll decide whether I am going to Dutch Comic Con or not. It really depends on Osric Chau and whether he’s coming or not, because the organisation of DCC is a bit shitty from what I’ve heard. Oh well, I’ll see and if he’s not coming I’ll save some money that I can use for HobbitCon!

So yeah, that was a bit of a busy month, but I will definitely try to post more soon!