Behind the Scenes

Blog Stats: February 2015

And the second month of this year is over already. Personally I already think the time is going by way too fast. I don’t have the feeling we’re heading for March already, even though I am pretty excited as well, because March means April is next, and April means HobbitCon! Anyway, I went a little overboard with buying books this month (because why not); but they are (almost) all book series that I didn’t have complete yet! Let’s take a look!

Books bought:


I have told you about the story of how I found that Hobbit book, and I am just so so happy with it! The other books, with exception of Reckoning which I got from TBD’s Bargain page, are sequels to series that I want to finish. Technically, Dangerous Boys isn’t really a sequel, but it’s the same sort of book as Dangerous Girls was, so of course I had to have it. I also bought Fairest, but my sister borrowed it from me so that’s why it’s not on the picture.



Most of the books mentioned are books I got through Netgalley (or from Amazon). The majority are read now’s, but The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, and Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy are requests that got accepted. I won The Imaginary World Of … on Twitter, and my mum bought me the Percy Jackson DVD because it was only 2 euros at our local supermarket (yay for supermarkets!)

Books read:

Books read this month: 12 books, 1 novella. 12 in total.
Total books read so far this year: 24 out of 140
Books behind/ahead of schedule: 4 books ahead of schedule

Other things I bought/received:


  • Harry Potter pyjama bottoms
  • Black sparkly skirt
  • Brown corset-like belt (hasn’t arrived yet)
  • Lots and lots of (dark) red fabrics
  • Tangle Teezer-like hairbrush (pictured in the second photo in this post)

Things I’ve done this month: 

  • Finished season 7 of Supernatural – I just decided to watch the seventh season when I was at a friends house. Then I decided to upload the episodes to my tablet and watch the rest of the series. And it was a bit of a sad season imo, because of reasons. [spoilers] BOBBY DIED. I MEAN I KNEW HE WAS GOING TO DIE ALREADY BUT I HADN’T EXPECTED IT SO I CRIED LOADS.[/spoilers]
  • Bought fabrics for my Hobbit girl bodice – Only I am convinced it’s way too much. The back of the pattern I got said I needed 4,3 meters of fabrics, only when the guy was measuring it I panicked a bit because it was SO MUCH. But hey, I might be able to make something else with the rest of it.
  • Read 11 books – I am really so happy that this is working out. I just make a list of the books that I want to read in the next month and try to keep myself to it as much as I can. Sometimes, a book that arrives comes in between – or I just think to myself that I’d rather read this book than the one on my list, and then I do actually read that book. This month it got me to read at least eight of the books I had on my to-read list (okay I cheated and changed two of the titles).
  • Put my DVD’s and CD’s in a different spot – This may not seem like a big accomplishment to you, but to me – someone who gets tired very easily while cleaning her room – it is. I decided to move my DVD’s and CD’s to my desk, closer to the computer that can play them. Seeing as I don’t have a CD or DVD player I found it unnecessary to keep them near my TV.

Things that happened on the blog:

Amount of posts made this month: 16
Amount of posts saved as drafts: 3

Things I am planning on doing next month:

  • Actually get started on my Hobbit bodice – I bought the fabrics.. Now I just need to make it into a decent bodice. I am so nervous about this, but luckily my gran will be there to help me/do it for me if I do something wrong! *fingers crossed*
  • Go to two weddings in one weekend – The (pirate) wedding of my friends was announced to us in October already, and that made me really happy. But in January we found out an old friend of my sister is getting married as well, and guess what? It’s literally the day BEFORE the pirate wedding. And I am definitely going to both. So party weekend before the actual party weekend (aka HobbitCon). Y E S !
  • Prepare for HobbitCon – As in, write down what I want to bring with me, make sure I can find/buy everything I want to bring with me. Find a bag big enough to put everything in it. Make a list of foods I want to bring with me. Basically: make lists. Lots and lots of lists. I love lists.
  • Use the can of spray paint I bought to make my bow brown – I probably won’t have the time/materials/money to make a quiver and arrows before HobbitCon, but I might bring my bow with me just because it took me so long to make it into a decent bow-like colour. I mean what is a Mirkwood guard elf without a weapon? (I could bring my pirate sword but that would be weird).
  • Perhaps go to Dutch Comic Con – I mean Osric Chau (Kevin from Supernatural) and the guy who played Victor Krum (I AM SO SORRY I FORGOT HIS NAME) are coming, and I really want to go (dressed up as Castiel because comfortable), but it’s the week before HobbitCon and I am not really sure if I can spare the money to go (I am 80% sure I do, but some things need to happen first before I am 100% sure of it).
  • Read another 10/11 books – Yes, even though this month will probably be a bit

Books I want to read next month: Edgewood, Girl Online, Fire & Flood, Kitty Hawk #2, The Haunting of Sunshine Girl, The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy, Graceling, Shattered, Dangerous Boys, Ignite Me, Allegiant, Four, Hasta La Vista, Ember in the Wind.
Movies/TV shows I want to see next month: Unbroken, Supernatural S8, The 100 S1 & S2, Once Upon a Time S4b, Insurgent, Cinderella, Percy Jackson 1 & 2.

Book Jar 2.0:

I am going to try to do another book jar again, and this time I will only pick one book each month and perhaps one when I really don’t know what to read (or when I don’t want to read the books that I have on my ‘to read this month list’). I will pick out one piece of paper from my jar and take a picture of the title that’s on there; and then I will try to read that book. February’s book was Asylum by Madeline Roux, which I didn’t finish. I just put it aside to read another time – and perhaps I will buy a physical copy this time because the pictures in the ebook were so small.

Anyway, March’s book will be:

Edgewood by Karen McQuestion