Behind the Scenes

DTTA fanclubday

Until last Sunday, I had never been to a fan day before in my life. That was until two friends invited me to something called a Dutch Time Travellers Association fanclub day, or DTTA for short. It’s a day especially for fans of the BBC shows Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. I am a big fan of the first two, so I decided to go there. A lot of people would go dressed up as characters from the show(s), so I decided to pick one of Amy’s outfits. The one from The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone – because I bought the exact same jumper she’s wearing!


This year they had a special guest, an actor who had been on the show several times – and who had apparently also been in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – Marnix van den Broeke! It was really awesome to meet him, and I got both his autograph and a picture with him. (Look at how tall he is!)

Other than Marnix, there were lots of other cool things happening – there was a scavenger hunt (that I won together with another person), there was a cosplay competition (that I entered but didn’t win, obviously), there was lots of food and some cool shops that sold mainly Doctor Who merch. I picked out the book ‘The Stone Rose’ as my scavenger hunt price, and bought another book called The Ultimate Doctor Who Monster Guide’. It has all the monsters from Doctor Who in it, but unfortunately there are no monsters from Matt Smith’s seasons.

After the day was over, we went out for pizza with a large group. Unfortunately we chose a pizza place that was incredibly small, so half of the people had to wait over an hour for their food. Of course I got my pizza last – because they’d made a mistake and they had to remake my entire pizza. Hopefully next time we’ll go to a different place. (Oh well, the pizza was delicious).

So in the end, I had a really nice day, met a lot of Doctor Who fans and had a delicious pizza! Next year I am definitely going again!