Blog Stats: January 2015

January 2015. The first month of this year is already over, and of course it’s time for another Blog stats post. In short, what did I do this month? I read eleven books, watched thirteen movies, three TV shows (a season each) and yes I finally bought a couple of books again! And that’s not all… Go and check the pictures below!

Books bought:


Two books I had really wanted to read. I ordered Fractured when I was almost finished with Slated because I really wanted to read it. And Ensnared I ordered last month because I just wanted to have this series complete!


I have made a nice post about my new tablet, which you can find here. As for the books; I got the first one (Tweedehands Vleugels, meaning ‘secondhand wings’ in English) from the author after adding it to my latest Top Ten Tuesday post. The other three I got from Edelweiss and Netgalley. I’d been meaning to read Mary Hades for a while now, and then I saw it on Netgalley. Applied for a copy and never really expected to be accepted, but I did and now I am really happy!

Books read:

Books read this month: 10 books, one novella, 11 in total
Total books read so far this year: 11 out of 125/140
Books behind/ahead of schedule: 1 book ahead of schedule

Other things I bought/received:



  • The Hobbit (magnetic) bookmarks (already owned the Radagast one)
  • Two dresses (top left and bottom right)
  • A white shirt
  • Green trousers
  • Brown boots (for my Mirkwood elf cosplay)
  • A (light) brown wig (for my Mirkwood elf cosplay)
  • A pair of blue shutter shades with lights (not included in picture)
  • Aragorn’s ring (not included in picture, but here’s a picture of the ring)

I went to the shopping center with my mum to pick up my book and some wool so she could continue knitting a scarf for me. And we ended up just going to several shops. I needed some boots for my cosplay and decided to try some on at a shoe store. Then, my mum offered to pay for them which made me really happy. The wig is amazing as well, though it has a fringe which I need to get rid of before HobbitCon (because Mirkwood elves don’t have fringes). It came with a wigcap which is really nice because I needed another one (in case I lost the only good one I have right now).

Things I’ve done this month: 


  • Finished season 6 of Supernatural – I decided to just finish watching season 6 even though I was a bit reluctant (because I thought one of my favourite characters was going to die, and guess what I was right). I haven’t started season 7 yet, but I am planning on doing that as soon as I finish Pushing Daisies and OUAT.
  • Watched season 3 of Once Upon a Time – Yes I finally watched this season after putting it on hold for so long. I don’t even remember when I finished season 2 (but I guess it was at the beginning of last year or perhaps even in 2013). I liked this season, mainly because of the amount of Captain Hook, and I can’t wait for season 4 (Frozen, yay!!!!!!!!)
  • Started watching Pushing Daisies – This show is way too adorable for me, but I love it so much. And Lee Pace is always a plus. Finished season one in two days (it was only nine episodes long so yeah), and now I am reluctant to watch the second season because that’s also the last season because the show got cancelled. Meh.
  • Made a Scrapbook page for 2015 – I thought it might be nice to make a page where I show all the books I’ve read and the movies and TV shows I’ve seen in 2015. For me a handy way of remembering which movies I’ve seen and which TV shows I’ve watched, and for you a nice way to find some recommendations! Go and check it here!
  • Read 10 books – I challenged myself to read at least ten books in January, and I did just that! In fact I have even started book eleven and twelve, and though I haven’t finished them yet and probably won’t in this month, I am very happy that I reached my goal! I’ve actually read eleven books, one of which was a novella, and one of which I actually DNF-ed, but I’m still very proud of myself!

Things that happened on the blog:

Amount of posts made in January: 17
Amount of posts saved as drafts: 3

Things I am planning on doing next month:

  • Put together a pirate cosplay from things in my closet – Two friends of mine are getting married in March, and the theme for their wedding is pirate. Though I would love to make or buy a nice pirate cosplay, I don’t think I’ll be able to do that before that time, so a closet cosplay it is! I think I have a corset somewhere that I once bought but hardly ever wore; and some skirts that are probably good. And of course, I have a pirate hat and sword from my Amy Pond cosplay! (Or perhaps I will just wear one of the bodices I made for HobbitCon seeing as I will hopefully have finished those by then).
  • Buy fabrics and make two bodices for HobbitCon – Hopefully, my gran’s sewing machine will be able to handle fake leather, so I can make a bodice for both my Mirkwood elf and my hobbit cosplays. Because I really want to make my own bodices now seeing as the one I bought is too small for me.
  • Read another 10 books, and at least one Dutch book – This task went really well in the first month, so I’ve decided to try and do it every month from now on. Read at least ten books and a Dutch book. And perhaps just one or two novella’s each month. That way I’ll probably get to my goal of 125 books (140 counting rereads) this year!

Books I want to read in February: Sapphire Blue, Tweedehands Vleugels, Champion, Panic, The Shadow Cabinet, The Lost Hero, Book of Shadows, The Maze of Bones, Asylum, Cell, Mary Hades
Movies/TV shows I want to see in February: Jupiter Ascending, Supernatural S7, Once Upon a Time S4, Into the Woods, The Black Cauldron, The 10th Kingdom, Iron Man 1

Book Jar 2.0:

I am going to try to do another book jar again, and this time I will only pick one book each month and perhaps one when I really don’t know what to read (or when I don’t want to read the books that I have on my ‘to read this month list’). I will pick out one piece of paper from my jar and take a picture of the title that’s on there; and then I will try to read that book. January’s book was Heart of the Dragon by Keith R.A. DeCandido which I actually finished (but haven’t written a review about it yet). February’s book will be:

Aslyum by Madeline Roux