Book Jar 2.0

Remember my previous post on the Book Jar? Yeah, well that failed a bit, but I decided I wanted to try it again. This time, I decided to pick one book a month that I will definitely read that month, and perhaps choose one or two when I really don’t know what to read.


I’ve decided to use this bowl I got from my gran to put the titles in, these are all the books I have added on Goodreads and still haven’t read. I haven’t added any sequels (unless I’ve already read previous books in a series), so that would probably help a lot better.


The first book I chose for this month is Heart of the Dragon, a Supernatural book written by Keith R.A. DeCandido. I have already started it, but I haven’t read that much yet that I can form an opinion on it already. What I do like, is that they tell you between which episodes this story happens; this one happens after the events of Season Five’s Changing Channels (honestly one of my favourite episodes).

So here we are, my second attempt to have a book jar. I will add all the new books I add to my to-read list along the way, and hopefully I’ll be able to lessen the books on my to-read list a bit! What about you, do you have a book jar, or something similar? Let me know!