A new year, a new Reading Challenge. This year I challenged myself to read 125 books. Not a lot more than I read in 2014, but then I barely made it to 120 so I decided to take it easy this time. But of course, that is because Goodreads does not count rereads, which I find such a shame, because I love rereading books.

So that lead me to do the following, I made an account on Leafmarks, where apparently you can count rereads for your reading challenge. And I have also decided to make my own page on this blog where I can write down which books I’ve read, and also which movies and TV shows I’ve seen; which would make making my Best of posts a bit easier at the end of the year.

And because Leafmarks does count rereads, I’ve decided to add a couple of books to that challenge, and thus I challenge myself to read 140 books this year. One-hundred-and-forty. Still, the original RC stands, with 125 new books and only 15 rereads. I really hope I’ll make it this year, and I really hope I’ll read some amazing books as well!

How many books are you going to read for your reading challenge this year? Are you keeping track via Goodreads, Leafmarks or just by writing down the books in a notebook? Leave a comment and tell me all about your reading challenge!

You can view my progress in three different ways: