Top Ten Tuesday

Top Six Bookish Goals for 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly bloghop created by the people from The Broke and the Bookish, it has you making a top ten of (mostly) books with a different subject each week. This week it’s bookish goals for 2015. Here we go!

  1. Read 125 books – I wanted to do this in 2014 already, but I realised I wasn’t going to be able to make that goal, so I changed it to 120 at the beginning of this month. Next year I am determined to read those 125 books, and to not read a lot of novellas in between. I hope I am going to make it, because it would be a shame if I had to put it back to 120 (or even less) again.
  2. Complete all the incomplete book series that I own – I own quite a lot of book series, but not all of them completely. There are several that are still missing the last book, but some are missing about three, four or sometimes even five books in the series. I am planning on at least completing the series that I really really loved next year.
  3. Get a library card – Though our library has only one shelf filled with English books, and most likely not YA, I am planning on getting more books from the library (seeing as I am also planning on reading more Dutch books).
  4. Read at least one Dutch book a month – And that last bit brings me to this goal, I want to read more Dutch books, even though I sometimes think the writing is a bit childish; I especially want to read more books by Dutch authors, because there are some really good ones out there that I just don’t read because I prefer English. So next year I am going to try to read at least one Dutch book a month!
  5. Finish all the unread books that I own (including the kindle ones and the ones from Netgalley) – I have a lot of books on my shelves, but an armful of those are unread. Some I bought a couple of years ago and just never bothered to pick up again after I put them on my shelf; some I tried reading but couldn’t get into. I am planning on reading all of those – and also the freebies I got from Amazon, and the books I got from Netgalley; the only problem with those is that they are on my phone and that doesn’t read really well..
  6. Buy a Kindle – So I am planning on buying a Kindle reader next month, or perhaps just a tablet on which I can install the Kindle app, because reading books on my phone isn’t really that nice and I don’t like reading from my computer either; so Kindle or tablet it is! (Probably not until the second half of the year though but still).

And that’s all the goals I can think of right now. I want to wish you all a happy new year already and hope you all manage to complete your bookish goals for 2015!