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Best of 2014: Favourite TV Shows Watched

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Christmas is officially over, but the Best of 2014 posts are still coming! This day, I will be talking about the TV shows that I watched this year that I loved. Seeing as I am really bad at watching TV shows, there are shows in this list that I have only watched one or two episodes of. The fact that they are in this list means that I did really love these episodes, and that I definitely plan on watching the rest of the show! Anyway, here we go, it’s in alphabetical order, as usual.

The 100 – Season 1

I started watching this after DNF-ing the book at 50%. I really disliked the lack of action in the book and I was hoping the series would be better, and it was! I didn’t watch more than two episodes, because then I decided to continue watching another TV show, but I did really love these two episodes, and I definitely plan on watching it asap!

Doctor Who – Series 8 (+ Christmas Special)

Though I really missed Matt Smith’s Doctor, I was looking forward to seeing Peter Capaldi portray him, hoping that he would steal my heart as quickly as the previous three Doctors did (Eccleston, Tennant and Smith, jsyk); and he did! Personally I didn’t like his introductary episode that much, but the rest of the season was amazing. There were some episodes that I didn’t like that much (Deep Breath, The Caretaker), but the rest of the season made up for that. The Christmas special that aired two days ago (Last Christmas) was really awesome and I am looking forward to series 9!

Legend of Korra – season 2

When I was younger (okay a couple of years younger than I am now), I used to watch Nickelodeon a lot. They had some nice shows and some less nice shows. One of the shows I really loved watching was Avatar the Lost Airbender. Though I don’t think I’ve watched all the episodes, and definitely not in the right order, I loved the show and so of course I would want to watch the new show in the same world, Legend of Korra. Same as with ATLA, I haven’t watched all the episodes and not in the right order, but I loved it as much as the first show and plan to watch it all (including ATLA) in English, in the right order!

Sherlock – season 3

When I discovered Sherlock a couple of years ago, I fell in love. I had loved the Sherlock Holmes movie with Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes, and this modern sort of re-telling of the stories made me really happy. I got even happier when I found out the show as written by two Doctor Who writers (Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss). Unfortunately, the show only has three episodes per season, and it usually takes two years for a new season to be released. (Yes the episodes are ninety minutes long each, but still). Season three was really nice and I just can’t wait for the fourth season to be released (though that might take some time).

Sleepy Hollow – season 1

They were advertising for this show on the telly, and I got really curious about it. I like creepy shows (though it’s usually not a good idea for me to watch them in the evening). RTL 5, a dutch TV channel was going to broadcast the show, and show three episodes every night until the end of season one. I watched the first night and fell in love. Unfortunately, I kept on forgetting to watch the show after that one night, and so I still haven’t watched more than three episodes. But I will definitely continue to watch this show as soon as I finish all the other TV shows I need to finish, hahaha!

Supernatural – season 2 – 6

I kind of sold my soul to this TV show when I started to watch it last year. But I wouldn’t be myself if I watched the first season and then completely abandoned the show for a long time. That is, until I went to RingCon. I was going to meet Misha Collins and Sebastian Roché who were in the later seasons of the show, seasons that I hadn’t watched yet. Eventually, Misha cancelled but Sebastian was still coming, and my friend got me to watch at least two episodes featuring him. After RingCon, I binge-watched four seasons of the show and now I still have to watch three or four more seasons until I’m up to date. No big deal.