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Best of 2014: Favourite Cosplays

9. cosplays

For the seventh Best of 2014 post, I’d like to talk about cosplay. I have been doing this for a couple of years already, dressing up as my favourite characters, but I didn’t start to properly do it until this year. When I stopped buying cosplay clothes and started making them (or well, actually I didn’t make them but they were handmade by other people; I am going to make my next cosplay myself though). For this post, I thought I’d talk about the favourite cosplays I wore this year. I went looking for picture of me wearing these costumes, but I couldn’t find any good pictures, so I’ll go and make those soon and get back to you on that. Anyway, here we go, my five favourite cosplays this year. In alphabetical order!

(Party) Arwen from Lord of the Rings (two different dresses, though only one is pictured)

Before the first HobbitCon, I decided I wanted to dress up as a Lord of the Rings or Hobbit character for the con. Seeing as I wasn’t going to be able to make my own costumes, I went on a search on the internet to find ready-made costumes or at least someone who could make something for me. I ended up finding a Carnival website where they sold Arwen’s ‘death’ dress as I call it (the red/blue one). At RingCon this year, I found her corronation dress for only five euros and immediately bought it. I just need some elf ears and her diadem and then it’s complete!

(Female) Castiel from Supernatural

I liked Castiel already before I’d even seen him on the show, and I had kind of decided I wanted to cosplay him almost immediately after I started watching Supernatural. So I bought a trench coat, because I already owned all the other stuff he was wearing (except I’d be wearing a skirt instead of trousers, because I personally just like a skirt more). Then I bought a blue tie, and voila I was female Castiel. Wore the costume to RingCon where I even got a compliment from Sebastian Roché who plays Balthazar in the show!

Clara Oswald from Doctor Who

What I love about Doctor Who, is that the characters wear clothes you can wear normally as well. And luckily, Amy Pond and Clara Oswald wear clothes (aka skirts/dresses) I love so I just HAD to cosplay both characters. I don’t really own all the same clothes they wear because some of it’s kind of expensive, but I do own stuff that looks like it. While wearing this outfit to the Efteling this year, I even got recognized as Clara which just makes me really happy!

A Hobbit from Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

Ever since we watched the little Hobbit dance thing they did at the first HobbitCon, I wanted to cosplay a hobbit girl and for the second HobbitCon I made that a reality. Unfortunately they didn’t do the same dance that year but I still had a lot of fun dressing up as a hobbit. The skirt was made by a friend of mine and I bought the bodice online, which may have been a bit of a mistake because it’s actually a bit too small for me. For next year, I’ll be making the bodice myself with some help from my gran (and maybe I’ll make a new skirt too, I’ll see).

(Female/Modern) Legolas from Lord of the Rings

I have always loved Legolas, and when my friend decided to cosplay as Tauriel, I decided to go as Legolas as well to keep all the Kili’s away from her! I didn’t have enough time to make a proper Legolas cosplay unfortunately, so I ended up wearing a modernised and female version, but with a blonde wig with Legolas’ signature braids of course. For next year, I will dress up as a normal Mirkwood elf though, because the wig didn’t really fit that well with Leggy’s braids unfortunately. But I had a lot of fun dressing up as Legolas!