Behind the Scenes

Caerdydd, day five.

Our last day in Cardiff was here. We’d gotten up a bit earlier, so we could have breakfast (we didn’t book breakfast with our room, so we decided to just have breakfast on the last day). As usual, the breakfast was delicious. Then, we stayed in our room for a bit longer, made sure we really had packed everything – and a little past eleven we made our way back towards the Cardiff train station. There, our train to Bristol would be waiting (or not, we still had to wait fifteen minutes or so).

Upon our arrival at Bristol airport, we decided to weigh our suitcases just in case – but they were still within the weight limit, luckily. We hadn’t bought that much, ha ha! We checked ourselves in, went through customs, you know the whole lot. We then walked through some of the shops (because we found out the airport was much bigger than we’d thought, there was a whole shopping part there that we hadn’t seen the last time).

We had some lunch/dinner at Burger King (meh) and then waited until we were allowed to board. In the plane, we had a nice conversation with the guy sitting next to us, and only when we were about to land did we find out he was Dutch as well (kind of obvious, but still). We had a very uneventful flight and landed less than an hour after we took off.

Though I am quite happy to be home, I also miss Cardiff a lot. And I feel like such a dumbo, because I left this folder with some posters, some papers and my ‘I flew the TARDIS’ certificate on the plane. I don’t think I’ll ever see it back. *sniff* Oh well, that just is an excuse to go to Cardiff again soon!

Nos da!