Caerdydd, day four.

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Day four, and also our last full day in Cardiff. Today we didn’t do very much, to be honest. We went into Bute park, the park surrounding the castle, where we saw some squirrels. (It’s also the park of that one bench where Rose and Donna were talking in Turn Left, remember that scene?). Then we headed to Canal Park, where they filmed a couple of scenes for Army of Ghosts (edit ’16: And later on for The Zygon Invasion and The Zygon Inversion as well). That park was so close to Cardiff Bay, that we ended up walking there as well.

We went into the Millenium Center (the decor for both New Earth’s hospital and The Girl Who Waited). After making another round through Mermaid Quay, we walked all the way back to our hotel, had some Starbucks and decided to start packing already.

There was supposed to be this toystore where part of Closing Time had been filmed, but we searched for it everywhere and it was nowhere to be found. Maybe it had closed or moved to a different location, but anyway we just couldn’t find it. So we just sat down somewhere to let our feet rest for a bit. That’s when a woman walked passed us, and I swear she’d been in Doctor Who. We decided to walk after her for a bit, because she was going the same direction our hotel was anyway, and so Tanja could see her face as well. We’re still not 100% sure, but she looked like her a lot.

Eventually, we had dinner, finished packing and now we’re just watching TV and playing some Doctor Who Top Trumps before going to bed. Tomorrow we’ll be traveling back to the Netherlands, alas.

Nos da!

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