Behind the Scenes

Caerdydd, day three.

Day three of our trip in Cardiff! I didn’t really think about posting anything yesterday, so that’s why I am posting it today. We went to the National Museum in Cardiff today, partly because it was a Doctor Who film location (the front and some parts inside I believe), and of course mainly because it was free. (We’re still Dutch, ey!)

The muesum was cool, but nothing super special. We couldn’t really find any of the parts that were used in Doctor Who episodes, and we also couldn’t find any of the van Gogh paintings that were supposed to be there (there was a wing with some of his paintings I believe, but we just couldn’t find it). But it was still very enjoyable to see all those animals and pieces of art!

After this we went shopping, again, and I bought this huge TARDIs door poster. We went into the HMV which is similar to our Free Record Shop, only lots bigger. They had one floor with mostly CD’s, and one floor with mostly DVD’s (and posters). Then we visited more Doctor Who locations.

We actually wanted to go into the castle in the middle of the city, but it was rather expensive and I believe it was closed already by the time we’d decided that. And the red bus going through the city that you could hop on at any time turned out to go past a lot of locations that we’d already seen on foot.

So instead we went to have dinner at the Pizza Hut, where they had a free salad bar, yay! The pizza was delicious and I am glad we decided to see if it was open or not (last time, Lauren and I wanted to go there, but it looked closed from a distance and we decided not to ‘investigate’ further, oh well).

After dinner, we walked around for a bit more. We actually wanted to go to a pub or something, but most of the things we could find were either filled with only men or clubs. So we ended up getting some booze from the Spar (the only shop open at that time that still sold alcohol, apparently they don’t do that after 9pm anymore in Wales?). The clerk was very surprised when I showed him my ID, so I told him we had to do that in the Netherlands otherwise we wouldn’t even get to buy the booze in the first place.

Then we went back to our hotel room, where we had a bit of trouble. Because Tanja had bought a bottle of something (I don’t even remember what) and we didn’t have a bottle opener. None of the tricks I had worked, so I went downstairs on my socks to ask for a bottle opener. When we finally got it open, I had to go downstairs again to not only bring back the bottle opener but to get a band-aid as well, because for some reason I’d cut my finger. Anyway, we’re going to do some more location scouting today, see you tonight!

Hwyl fawr!