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Best of 2014: Events I Went To

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I did some amazing things this year, including some movie marathons and a couple of conventions. I thought it might be nice to talk about the best things I’ve done this year! It’s in order of when they happened, and I’ve added some nice pictures of the event, so have fun!

Newcastle – March 2014

Last year, my sister asked if we (my younger sister and I) wanted to come to Newcastle with her. Of course we said yes, and so in March we went to Newcastle by boat. It was my first time being on a boat that size and I was both excited and nervous. It turned out to be a really nice trip, I bought some nice stuff in Newcastle, including six new books, and had a lot of fun being back in the UK! It’s definitely a trip worth repeating next year!

HobbitCon – April 2014

My favourite event this year, Hobbitcon ZWEI. Meeting all my favourite people again, including the actors of course, and just partying all night long (okay maybe not all night). A lot more people we knew were coming this year and it was just amazing to see the others for the first time that year again. At the end of this convention, we promised we’d meet more often than just once or twice a year, and we made this amazing group picture!

Meeting Daniel Radcliffe – September 2014

This is probably the most exciting thing I did this year. Sure, meeting the other actors I met this year were amazing as well, but this is Harry freakin’ Potter. And to think I was actually thinking about not going to this. What was I, stupid? We spend an entire day waiting, sure, but it was a lovely day and we ended up being front row and meeting DANIEL RADCLIFFE! I may have freaked out/cried a bit when I got home. I still do every time I see his autograph in my book or the picture  (which was beautifully photobombed by a friend of mine by the way).

RingCon – October 2014

Because we missed HobbitCon, we decided to go to RingCon too; mainly also because Misha Collins and Sebastian Roché were coming. Eventually, Misha cancelled, but we got Manu Bennet and Nathaniel Buzolic instead, who were amazing as well. We had a lot of fun, even though the majority of the HC crew wasn’t there (seriously there were five of us from that big group), and I bought some amazing stuff. A plus this time was that the shops weren’t closed because of Easter, so we went into Bonn as well.

The Hunger Games Marathon – November 2014

Something I was looking forward so much, seeing Mockingjay part one; and of course like last time we decided to go for a marathon. We ended up going for pizza first and then see the movie afterwards, which was just really nice. The movie was amazing as well, and I loved it a lot, even though I’ve only seen it once (Normally I go and see it at least three/four times more).

The Hobbit Marathon – December 2014

Both one of the best things and the worst things, because it was the last ever movie, but we’d be seeing it with a lot of people we knew. The movie turned out to be a very beautiful but also very emotional movie, and I was happy that I got to see it with all these people because that made it a bit better. Unfortunately we won’t get to do this again, but I had a lot of ‘fun’ during this marathon!