Behind the Scenes

Blog stats: November 2014

November, the  month in which I saw Ed Sheeran and my favourite band perform (not at the same time though); the month in which I saw Mockingjay Part one. The eleventh month of this year, and now it’s almost over! Time for another blog stats post. I’ll post about the books I’ve bought and read, the books I am planning to read. The things I’ve done on the blog and in real life, and of course the things I am planning on doing next month!

Books bought/received/won:


Books read:

Books read this month: 5 books, 6 novella’s; 11 total
Total books read this year: 113 out of 125
Books behind/ahead of schedule: 1 book behind schedule

Other things I bought:


  • Tickets for Only Seven Left in Den Haag and Hilversum (their last two shows.. D: )
  • T-shirt from Teefury (which I received double, by the way)
  • Only Seven Left last tour poster (which I got for free)

Things I’ve done this month:

Only Seven Left

  • Saw Ed Sheeran live at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. Even though we were so far away from the podium that all we saw was a tiny red-haired figure, it was amazing to see him perform live. Even when he played the song he wrote for The Fault in Our Stars, because it was about Amsterdam, and even when he played I See Fire and they showed Smaug on the screens behind him.
  • Went to a Hunger Games marathon and saw Mockingjay Part one for the first time. AND IT WAS AMAZING! First of all, it was nice to see the previous two movies again, especially the first one seeing as I haven’t been watching that one very often. Then when Mockingjay started I was really anxious because I was just wondering how much it would look like the book – and it kind of blew me away!
  • Went to see my favourite band perform in Haarlem for the ninety-first time. It felt weird to be seeing them for one of the last times ever, because they are breaking up next month, but it was amazing to see them again after such a long time. The last time I saw them was in April, so yeah it was lovely to see them again, lovely to speak to them again. And I just love them so much.
  • Started my annual Doctor Who rewatch. Something I do usually before a new season starts or before the Christmas special. I rewatch all the episodes of New Who. This year it’s eight full seasons and it’s going to be a five-episodes-a-day rewatch sometimes, because I’m going away for a couple of nights in December and I had to make it all fit. Oh well..
  • Watched almost two more seasons of Supernatural. I kind of binge-watched season five, and then went onto season six almost immediately after. It’s on hold now because I am rewatching Doctor Who but I am planning on finishing S6 in December!

Things that happened on the blog: 

Amount of posts made in November: 19
Amount of posts saved as drafts: 4

Things I am planning on doing next month:

  • Watch the world premiere of the Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies on a livestream. I had been hoping I would be able to be there in person, but I just couldn’t make it alas. A couple of my friends are going to be there, so I’ll be watching the livestream mostly to see if I can spot them.
  • Go to the Hobbit marathon and see the last ever Hobbit movie for the first time. I feel torn, I am both kind of looking forward to this movie, and also not at all. Because I know this movie will be sad, and I know it will probably be the last ever movie about Middle Earth (because I don’t think they’ll get the film rights for The Silmarillion). We’re going to Amsterdam again for this marathon, and dress up again like we did last year, and there’s probably going to be lots of laughter and lots and lots of tears!
  • See my favourite band again for the last (two) time(s). Basically, December is kind of going to suck. Because I’ll see one of my favourite movie franchises end, and I’ll see my favourite band end in the same month. Ten days apart. U G H.
  • Celebrate Christmas, and watch the Doctor Who Christmas episode. I’m probably more excited about the Doctor Who episode than I am about Christmas. We’ll be spending the first day at my gran’s house, and the second day my sister and her boyfriend will come over but yeah I am more excited about the Christmas special. Hahaha!
  • See another of my favourite bands perform live, hopefully. MakeBelieve, another Dutch band I like a lot, is going to perform in Amsterdam the day after Boxing Day (which is basically our second Christmas day, yeah us Dutch people are hobbits, we have second Christmas). I really want to go there, because it’s been SO LONG since I’ve seen them, but I am not sure if I’m going to be able to make it.
  • Celebrate New Years’ Eve with my friends. My favourite French girl is coming to the Netherlands to celebrate New Year’s Eve with us, and that just made me really happy! This will be the first time in a while that I’ll be celebrating NYE with friends instead of family, and I am just looking forward to it!

Books I want to read in December: The Body Electric, My True Love Gave to Me, Nevermore, Where She Went, The Assassin’s Blade
Movies I want to see in December: The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, If I Stay, The Doctor Who movie, Horns, Gone Girl