Behind the Scenes

Caerdydd, day two.

Our second day in Cardiff is already at its end. Today we went to visit the Doctor Who Experience, which was super awesome! We decided to go into the Bay a bit earlier, because we wanted to see some of the DW and TW filming locations there. But when we got into the bus, the busdriver told us we could only pay with coins. (We had ten pound bills, oops). He was very nice though, because he let us ride the bus for free – only if we promised him we’d get some coins for the trip back (and we did!).

Upon our arrival in Cardiff Bay, we immediately saw the large sphere that was the cause of all the trouble in Boom Town. It was also an indicator for the fancy entrance into the Torchwood Hub. And it was decorated with pink strawberries! We also visited the other entrance into the Hub, which at the moment was plastered with pictures and letters for Ianto Jones (one of the characters from Torchwood). I knew they had a memorial for him there, I just didn’t realise what an impact it would make on me. (I know it’s a fictional character, but still I cried so much when he died).

Then we walked towards the Doctor Who Experience, whose building looks like one of those Cybermats (but blue). For our ‘second breakfast’ we had some bacon sandwhiches, and then we just had to wait for our entry time to come (12 o’clock, like I said we were rather early). But when our time came, and we were allowed inside, it was glorious. I won’t tell you too much about the experience itself, because you have to experience (see what I did there) it yourself!

After the experience was over, we were allowed to go into the Exhibition, where they had the signature outfits from all the companions, all the Doctors’ outfits, the interior of Nine/Ten’s TARDIS (with Ten’s regeneration scene playing, oh I cried). And so. Much. More! We could learn how to walk like a Cyberman or a Scarecrow (which was fairly easy to be honest) and then after we went through the exhibition, we entered the incredibly cool shop!

I bought a TARDIS and some lego figures (which turned out to be a Dalek and Amy Pond). After we exited the Experience building, we went towards Mermaid Quay, where we found another Doctor Who filming location: Eddie’s Diner! It was used for the episode The Impossible Astronaut (edit ’16: And later on also for Hell Bent). We had some ice-cream and made some pictures of the super cool interior of the diner.


We then took the bus back to the centre of Cardiff, shopped at Primark for a bit, went for a walk through Alexandra Gardens, where we saw lots of the statues filmed for Blink. It then started to rain, so we went back to our hotel room, where we are right now. Tomorrow, we’ve decided, we’re going to visit the National Museum (also a filming location for Doctor Who).

Nos da!