Behind the Scenes

Caerdydd, day one.

Today, on the 20th of August, we finally left for Cardiff! A little past seven in the morning (so early omg), Tanja and I left for Schiphol. We had some breakfast at the airport’s McDonalds (Egg McMuffin’s are the best in my opinion) and then went for a stroll through the shops for a bit.

Our plane left a bit later than we’d expected, but honestly I had kind of expected it because that always happens. So yeah I believe not more than an hour later (we were supposed to take off at 9:30) we finally took off and before we knew it, we’d landed at Bristol airport. At first glance, the airport looked rather small, but it was quite nice. We got our bus and train tickets and took the first available but towarts the train station, Temple Meads.

We’d heard that they were filming the Doctor Who Christmas special in Bristol somewhere, and we actually wanted to go there to see if we could spot either Matt Smith or Jenna Coleman – but we ended up skipping that detour because we had heavy suitcases with us and we had no idea where they were exactly. Better luck next time! (Later today we found out that they wouldn’t start filming until after it gets dark, oh well).

After an hour or so in the train, we arrived at the lovely train station of Cardiff where I felt right at home again. We went to the Sandringham hotel (the same one Lauren and I stayed on our last trip) and heard we were able to go into our room already, even though we were an hour or so too early. We did have to drag our suitcases up to the fourth floor though, which was a bit of a shame (the hotel has no lift at all).

After we’d checked out the room, unpacked some of our stuff and dumped the rest, we decided to go on our first shopping spree. I bought a denim skirt I want use for an Amy Pond cosplay, and a Doctor Who magazine. For a late lunch we went to Subway. Then we went to visit more stores, including the Disney store which is just amazing!

For dinner we went to – surprise, surprise – McDonalds. And after that, we went to look for some Doctor Who filming locations. Tanja had downloaded an app where they showed all the locations in Cardiff, the episodes they filmed there and a still of what the location looked like in the show. We found a couple of cool ones (from Boom Town) and then we went back to our hotel room.

Tomorrow, we’re heading towards Cardiff Bay where we’ll be visiting the Doctor WHo Experience – probably the most exciting part about our trip! But for now, we’re going to sleep!

Nos da!