Behind the Scenes

RingCon 2014, day four & five.

The last day of the con had arrived. This time, we decided to order breakfast in our room, because we’d partied so hard the night before we didn’t really feel like getting out of bed and making ourselves presentable so early. So after we’d had our breakfast (without bread, which was a bit odd because we did get jam and butter but no bread?!), we got dressed into our cosplays; Tanja as a hobbit and me as Castiel from Supernatural (a female version, with blue leggings instead of black/see through ones because I’d ripped those the night before).

We knew Petra would be there already for the autograph sessions, but Essie and Felix would be a bit later, so we just went into the con area and sat around for a bit. Then Petra said she was in the main hall for Manu Bennett’s second panel and we decided to go that way as well. We saw Sebastian Roché while walking towards the main hall, and he said ‘Hello Cas, looking good’ to me, which made me fangirl on the inside. Halfway through Manu’s panel we went upstairs for Nathaniel Buzolic’s photosession. Initially we weren’t going to get a picture with him (mainly because it was 35 euros, the most expensive one of the con), but after seeing him at his panel the day before, we decided to just go for it. After Nathaniel’s photo we immediately went to queue for Sebastian Roché’s photo session and then we went to bring our pictures back to our room and back to the main hall for Sebastian and Nathaniel’s panel.

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It was awesome, and they answered a lot more questions that Sebastian did the day before (I think they actually answered ALL the questions in this panel). It was mainly because Nathaniel got all of us to say ‘Shut up Sebastian’ at least five or six times throughout the panel. We ended up singing Carry On My Wayward Son and Eye of the Tiger with them and it was just amazing! After their panel, the Kiwi funpanel started and Tanja and I actually wanted to get something to eat.

Nathaniel Buzolic Sebastian Roché

Unfortunately, they weren’t selling any coupons anymore, and the food that I’d wanted (pizza <3) wasn’t there either. So we went back to the main hall and watched the Kiwi funpanel while eating some cookies. Then, after that panel there was the closing ceremony which wasn’t as emotional as HobbitCon’s closing ceremony was, but it was still not very nice because I didn’t want it to end.

At one point, Lori got so excited to announce the next actor that she got it completely wrong. There she was, announcing Manu Bennett and while everyone was cheering, Finn Jones (from Game of Thrones), walked onto the stage looking a bit awkward. In her excitement, Lori had completely forgotten to announce two of the actors from Game of Thrones (Finn, and Alfie Allen); but even after she’d gotten it right, there still was no Manu. Want to know why? He appeared on the balcony instead, and got Team Hobbit (left side of the hall), Team Arrow (right side of the hall) and Team Spartacus (the balcony) to do another Haka.

Closing Ceremony

Then, all the actors and workshop/lecture people did a conga line through the hall. Five of them (I think it were Sebastian, Manu, Finn, Luke Barnes and one other, but I don’t remember who) passed our seats and I high-fived all of them (one of them hit my hand so hard it hurt :C). So yeah, this closing ceremony was fun. After we’d said goodbye to all our friends, we went into Bonn again and ended up eating at the McDonalds. We wouldn’t have to leave until the day after because we’d booked an extra day at the Maritim, so it was a bit weird coming back to the hotel while they were all cleaning up and it was all so quiet.

Breakfast the next day was quiet as well, we did see some people from the con still being there, including most of the actors (I think more of them decided to eat breakfast downstairs now instead of in their rooms because most fans were gone already). Then we prepared for the three-hour journey back to the Netherlands. I really had lots of fun, though I did miss everyone from HobbitCon; and I just CAN’T WAIT FOR HOBBITCON Y’ALL!

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