Behind the Scenes

RingCon 2014, day three.

We went down to breakfast a bit later this day, which may have been our mistake, because when we got downstairs (literally down the stairs, because the LIFTS WERE BROKEN?!, but hey at least we found out they had actual stairs!), the restaurant was PACKED. There was literally no place to sit down anymore. We ended up running towards a table of people that had just left, and it was still filled with their left-overs. We also ended up sharing the table with two German girls because it was a table for six and there were just two of us. Anyway, after that busy breakfast, we decided to take the pool lift back to our floor because of reasons (walking down a stairs goes alright for me, but going up them is hell, seriously).

It took about ten minutes for the pool lift to arrive, but it was still working luckily. Unfortunately we weren’t the only ones with this idea, so everyone packed up inside the lift and it almost gave me a panic attack. After we’d arrived on our floor, we got dressed into our cosplays. I decided to wear the Arwen dress I bought the day before (without the circlet/crown), and Tanja would wear her Tauriel cosplay. This was also the day we would see Diane, my favourite French girl, again. We’d met her on the first HobbitCon, after Tanja had given her glowstick crown to Sylvester McCoy who then had given it to Diane because she’d bought him a beer. We ended up talking to her and became such good friends. We intent to thank Sylvester for that at next year’s HobbitCon. (Unfortunately, she was only coming for one day, so she ended up having to say goodbye to us at the party which wasn’t very good for me because I ended up sobbing a bit; we are planning on meeting BEFORE HobbitCon next year though because we just have to).

We went downstairs to the con area, after deciding we wanted to go to Nathaniel Buzolic’s panel. Tanja had watched The Vampire Diaries, but I hadn’t so I actually had no idea who he was (except that he looked adorable in the picture in the RingCon con guide). At one, we went into the main hall and sat down for his panel, and I ended up liking him so much! He got asked a question about what his favourite mythical creature was, and how he would kill them; and he ended up talking about Gandalf from The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, and how he would take away his staff and kill him with a spoon. At one point, some girls were leaving the hall and he asked them where they were going, and then told them to go get Gandalf.

Nathaniel Buzolic
When his panel was over, he was about to leave the stage, when a Gandalf cosplayer entered the hall. Nathaniel started fangirling and asked Gandalf onto the stage. That was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen!

After the panel, we wanted to go for an autograph of Manu Bennett, but because we had regular tickets instead of Gold ones, we had to wait for our number to be called. We had number 848 and 847 so it was going to take a while. I think we waited about two to three hours before we finally got to get his autograph. He smiled when he saw the picture of him wearing the spectrespecs and signed it with ‘It was fun’! We brought our stuff back to our room and went to find our friends. The next panel we wanted to see wasn’t until 7, so we ended up eating something before that (pizza!) and making some pictures outside.

Then, we went to Sebastian Roché’s panel, and whatever I had been expecting, it was not at all what we got. He went into the audience several times, answered about four questions in the entire hour that he had his panel and ended up telling all kinds of stories about The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Some people were actually angry with him for being like this, which I don’t get. Sure, I would have been a slightly bit annoyed at the fact that he hardly even asked any questions, because personally I think that’s what a panel is about, but he was just hilarious!

Sebastian Roché
When the panel was over, we looked for our friends again and went upstairs to get changed for the party. This party was A LOT better than the previous day, and we ended up dancing so much. I got introduced to Craig Parker as ‘Party Arwen’ to someone we’d met just before the party started, we ended up doing the Macarena and dancing on some song about Moscow with EVERYONE on the dancefloor. Even Captain Jack Sparrow joined us with the last song. We didn’t get to dance on the Time Warp which was such a shame, but we had a lot of fun!

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