Behind the Scenes

RingCon 2014, day two

Day two, the first day of the Con, started early as well. We picked up our tickets before we went to eat some breakfast at the restaurant. I really love the breakfast at the Maritim, because it’s a buffet and you can get whatever you want and you can take just as much as you want. We did notice that ever since the first HobbitCon, they didn’t let us use the coffee/tea machine anymore, which is still very funny (for that story, see this HobbitCon post!).

When we’d changed into our cosplays (Tanja as Korra from Legend of Korra, me as Luna from Harry Potter), we went downstairs and into the area where the Con was. Unlike with HobbitCon, there weren’t a lot of our friends coming to RingCon, and we knew that the ones that were coming would be there a bit later (and one would only be there on Saturday), so we decided to just walk around, check the shops and look at all the cosplaying people that were walking around.

There weren’t any panels we wanted to see before the opening ceremony, so we didn’t go into the main hall at all before six. We did end up looking at the Elbenwald stand, because they had a sort of flee market area. There, I ended up buying most of the stuff I bought at this con. Because they had the Arwen costume I’d been looking at on the internet for a long time, only there it was between 50 and 60 euros. Here, it was only 5 euros. Tanja found another pack with the same dress, so we both ended up buying it. The only thing I didn’t like about it, was that the crown/circlet was extremely fake and totally NOT looking like the one from the movie. Anyway, they also had a lot of fandom shirts, mugs and weapons and there I saw a bow made out of plastic. It had a horrible purple/blue colour and no string but I ended up buying it for my Mirkwood elf cosplay because it was probably a lot nicer to get a pre-made one than make one myself from scratch.

And then there were the mugs, they had a lot of awesome mugs, including several Harry Potter ones. Tanja bought one with Harry on it, and I found one with Luna on it which kind of was an insta-buy. (Later on we saw that they had Divergent mugs as well, but they were quite simple with only the faction symbols on it, so I didn’t buy it).

Eventually, we found out our friends had arrived, and we hung out with them for most of the day until Petra (one of our friends) and I decided to go to Manu Bennett’s photoshoot. I was actually planning on going to the Spartacus photoshoot with Manu Bennett and Craig Parker the day after, but someone told me that one would be extremely busy because of Craig (he’s very popular). Manu’s photoshoot was awesome, by the way. Like I said before, I was dressed up as Luna and of course I was wearing my spectrespecs (on my head) and after the picture was taken, and I was walking away, Manu called me back, took the glasses and put them on his face. We ended up making three different pictures and the last one got printed, and it’s AMAZING!


Then, we went downstairs for the opening ceremony, which was just lovely. Half of it was in German of course, but then Lori Dungey (aka Mrs. Bracegirdle from Lord of the Rings) came on the stage and made it even more amazing. Unfortunately, my favourite host Mark Ferguson couldn’t be there, but luckily we had Mini Mark (Lori), Sexy Mark (Craig) and Deutsch Mark (Nessi).

After the opening ceremony, it was time for Manu Bennett’s panel, and it was amazing! I’d already loved him after the photo shoot, but after this panel I loved him even more. He taught us how to do a Haka and he got a birthday present from a girl because his birthday had been a couple of days before; then we ended up singing happy birthday to him and to his four year old daughter. It was amazing!

Then, it was time to party! We went upstairs to dump our stuff, get changed, put some glowsticks around our wrists and then we went downstairs. Unfortunately, the party on the first day wasn’t as awesome as they’d been at HobbitCon, mainly because it was a sixties themed party; we didn’t know any of the songs, and we ended up going to bed quite early because of it. Such a shame, but hey, we had a nice first day at the convention!

(I am sorry for the lack of pictures in this post, but I haven’t uploaded any of the pictures on Flickr yet; but I’ll do that asap!)