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Catching Fire trailer

As you all might know, San Diego’s Comic Con is happening right now. Lots of TV shows and movies are being promoted on that convention, and one of those movies is Catching Fire. A while ago, it was announced that they would show the official trailer of the movie at Comic Con, and that Yahoo would also put it on their website.

Last night was the night, and I believe I’ve watched it about three or four times since it was uploaded, because wow. I think I am going to like this movie a lot more than the Hunger Games.

Catching Fire has a different director than the Hunger Games had, and you can obviously see that from this trailer. The part I liked the best was the dress, and the outfits from the tribute parade. Of course, there are a lot of comments about the trailer, and about how people don’t like it that the (second) dress was already shown. I actually DO like it, a lot.

I do hope that we won’t be seeing a lot more from CF before the movie comes out, because like with the Hunger Games and the Mortal Instruments, there were way too many trailers, and way too much material being shown already, in my opinion.

I can’t wait to see this movie in November!