Behind the Scenes

The day my dream came true

You’ve probably read it already in my book stats post at the end of August, but I said I might be able to meet Daniel Radcliffe in September. Well, today was the day. He was going to be in Amsterdam for the premiere of his new movie, What If, and my friends and I decided to go there to see if we were able to meet him. We had no idea when he was arriving exactly, though later we found out it would be somewhere past half past eight in the evening.

We were there at 9am, because we wanted to stand front row. There were only two girls before us, and we ended up talking to them for a bit and decided to make sure the eight of us got front row, no matter what. We spend the entire day there, waiting for the people to finish building, and when they finally did, we claimed our spots next to the red carpet (or well, the spots next to the red carpet were reserved for press).

And then we waited, and waited; a lot of people who’d won tickets to see the movie walked past us and some famous Dutch people (like four or five I guess) and then we all noticed a car had arrived near the end of the line. There were two girls in it and it drove off again, but then another black car came driving up towards the red carpet, and inside was Daniel.

He took his time with every person in the line which made me incredibly happy and we were allowed to take pictures with him. He was super nice and amazing and I just can’t believe I actually got to see him in real life. My friends then got some tickets for the movie, but I didn’t (I didn’t really want to watch the movie anyway, because I was tired of standing/sitting there all day) so I went to Starbucks with two other friends who hadn’t gotten tickets either and then I went home.

But I MET DANIEL RADCLIFFE. I MET HARRY POTTER. The guy I kind of grew up with since 2001. I finally met him.

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