Behind the Scenes

October Tune might become Forever Is A Lie

fialI guess you’ve all noticed that October Tune (‘Octie’ for short) is just a subdomain on a website called Forever Is A Lie (‘FIAL’ for short). FIAL is the website I created when I was fifteen (15 February 2008, I remember it as if it were yesterday *sigh*), when I fell head-over-heels in love with a band called Only Seven Left. I loved making websites at that point, and I thought it might be a nice idea to make a fansite for this band, seeing as I couldn’t find one for them anywhere. And so, FIAL was born, named after their first album. Not long after I created the website, I bought the domain name ‘’ ¬†which you are on right now. I wanted to make it look more professional, with a better looking url, one that people could remember easily.

A couple of weeks ago, Only Seven Left announced that they were breaking up at the end of the year, leaving their fans (including me, because I am still a huge fan) incredibly sad. Weirdly enough, one of the first questions that popped into my mind was: ‘What am I going to do about FIAL?’; am I going to keep it, am I going to get rid of it and finally buy the domain I’ve wanted for Octie? I have thought about it several times since their announcement, and I’ve come to two possible solutions.

One – I move everything from Octie to the main domain, to FIAL. I will keep Octie as a name for a while but eventually will change it to Forever Is A Lie. One of the main reasons I am considering this, is the fact that Jetpack seems to still work on the main site while it’s not worked on Octie for a couple of weeks already (hence the disappearance of some very handy things like the likes and the email subscriptions). Also, in the six years that I’ve owned FIAL, I have grown attached to this URL and I am not sure if I’m ready to let it go (I am sorry, Elsa). (I mean, I got it tattooed on my wrist because I love OSL so much).

Two – I will let FIAL get cancelled and buy a new domain for my blog, which might bring some issues as some people might remember my url as (if I delete the subdomain, you will just be redirected to the main domain, which is a good thing for reason one); and that means I will have to find a new hosting website (because I am most likely not staying with my current host). The nice thing about this is that I will finally have Octie as an url. I have been using this name for my photography as well, and I have also kind of grown attached to it (it’s my favourite song from Only Seven Left). This also means I would have to export everything from this wordpress site to the new site, which might bring some issues (mostly with uploaded media).

I have given myself until at least January or February next year to make a decision, and I will let you know on time.

Edit: Because of Jetpack not working at all on Octie, I decided to move it to the main domain already. I felt a bit sad that I had to delete all the hard work I put into making this fansite, but personally I think there’s no use in having a fansite for a band that no longer exists (okay they still do, at the moment, but they won’t anymore after December, which still makes me really sad).