Boekenfestijn Utrecht 2014

The Boekenfestijn was in Utrecht again this weekend, and my mum and I finally went there, after going ‘let’s go there’ two years in a row and not actually going there after all. Yesterday, we hopped onto a train to Utrecht, the closest one for us, and I just hoped there would be some books that I would like to read.

First of all, after arriving at the Jaarbeurs, I noticed how massive it was. There were lots and lots of tables filled with piles of books. All kinds of books; from non-fiction to fiction to comics and graphics novels. In both English and Dutch, which was great for me, seeing as I hardly read any Dutch books anymore. (Unless they’re non-fiction books).

We got a basket, and went right to the first table. I don’t know how much time we actually spend inside the Jaarbeurs, but we left home at around a quarter past eleven in the morning, and got back home at a little past six in the evening. I loved walking around there, looking at all the books and the people looking at the books. I saw a lot of interesting books that I wanted to take with me, and I ended up buying nine books. I’ve decided to share my purchases with you right now, instead of waiting until the end of the month, because I really want to share the books I got for cheap!



In total, not counting the Mythology book and the Mojo Jojo head, these books cost me only €29,92. If I were to buy these books from the Book Depository (four of them in English then seeing as they are in Dutch and they are not available in Dutch from TBD) it would have cost me €112,30. So I am really happy with my purchases and I can’t wait to start reading these books! (Okay, bit dumb of me, but I just noticed that I did count the Mythology book in the TBD thing, so let’s just say that I am a bit of an idiot and that the total amount is €95,10, which is still a lot).

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